Travel: Scarf Top

SCARFASTOPI’ve always, always wanted to try this after seeing it in the Hermès scarf booklet in the 80’s.SCARFASTOP2Why did I wait so long? I felt it’s a very glamorous style and I certainly never had and do not have a life to match 🙂 Whenever I needed a top to keep me cool, I wore a little camisole or other sleeveless styles. Then I stopped wearing those completely in favour of cap or short sleeves. And now although I’m far from the French Riviera, it’s blistering hot and combined with the high humidity, practicalities take over and I reached for one of two Hermès 90cm twill scarves I brought on holiday with me. My life remains decidedly unglamorous but who says I can’t indulge a little my own way? 🙂SCARFASTOP3It’s a shade too long for me so I’ll tie it higher next time but not too bad for a first attempt! I like to keep an open mind and try something new from time to time. SCARFASTOP4I had to keep it casual with the linen mix Gap pants and no belt. I like to wear a belt with trousers and no belt to me = very, very casual!SCARFASTOP5I’ve always loved the halter neck style on everything but rarely wear it because of my wide shoulders etc.. However, the wide gathers is very forgiving – besides, I don’t want to be forever ruled by hang ups  🙂  I’m sorry but I can’t give any advice on suitable underwear for the best discreet support because there’s nothing of mine that will ever fall out here lol! The only thing is beware of exiting from your car seat if it’s leather – do it slowly as your back may have stuck to it 🙂GOLDFLIPS2Another thing I rarely wear – flip flops except at the pool – mainly because I don’t like to show my toes (sorry if you’re also toe sensitive!!) and you’d never see me wear them running errands around town or at the airport!! These, however, I do LOVE, gold plaited leather by Musa.

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