Home and Away

SOUTHSKYWe came back from holiday and shortly after went off to the South coast of England for a couple of days. The way there on the road was pretty boring. It was only when we got nearer the coast in the late afternoon that the scenery became more interesting.WINDMILLIf you look closely, there’s a little windmill on the hill to the left of centre. I absolutely love the UK countryside!HATBAGGris de Tourterelle Lindy 30 was the perfect travel and walking everywhere bag. I took the straw hat (ASOS) with high hopes. I’ve had it for a while unused because the last couple of Summers have been a total wash out. WHITESTRIPE3Travel outfit. Seaside bound. I tried to think about something other than white but in the end the Gap 1969 legging jeans still won. The plimsoles are by H&M Girls. QUICKPACK I pack my lingerie inside a bag and them there – makes the ‘smalls’ much easier to find whether you bother to unpack or not at your destination.LINGERIEBAGI also packed a quilted jackt with hood, the black pair of linen mix pants, skirt, a couple of dresses, tees, jumpers plus sandals and a few bits of jewellery. You never know with British weather and the seaside.WHITESTRIPEI assumed these were bf jeans but got a shock when I read the label on the inside waistband: Leggings. They’re over a year old and I’m making up for not wearing them last year. The light Gap Petite top was perfect with them. WHITESTRIPE2This old stripe knitted jacket by Banana Republic has proved increasingly useful every year at home and for this quick get away. It’s made me appreciate all the more when something fits so well.

DECOR2This was the ambience of the bar/lounge/restaurant/dining area.DECORMy Tween remarked that she thought it felt like Ikea …DINNERDRESSI changed into the Mango textured dress from here.LIND2014Lindy tried her best to nestle on the sofa.PAINBEURREOur first dinner at the hotel starting with pain-beurre! I would have been most happy with this as my supper although my waistline would not!CAESARCaesar salad. I always ask for the dressing on the side so as to avoid being served drowned salad 🙂SUPPERToasted sandwich served with crisps. BAGUETTE Tuna mayo with cheese baguette.CANAPIESA selection of 3 mini pies with fries. BURGERA classic burger. FRUITSALADChocolate fondue fruit salad. ETONMESSTheir version of an Eaton Mess. Tween (in the background) loved it.

The standard room was so small it was just as well we weren’t any taller or wider 🙂

More next week – thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Home and Away

  1. Vicky Brearley

    Its so hard packing for a trip away in the Uk, I take more to a festival than i do a whole month in India. Love the all white look and yes, that does look like an Ikea room set, very minimal! x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much Vix! It’s the unpredictability of the weather that makes you pack for all eventualities. I don’t mind minimal but it has to be comfy too and it wasn’t so comfy either 😦 xx

  2. Pret A Porter P

    beautiful lindy. also I love the nautical and white linen dress outfits.
    On a side note, I have the same experience with trying on on gap “legging” jeans, and they end up fitting like a bf style instead. I can’t get their jeans/pants to work for me, but they look great on you.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much PAPP! Believe me I didn’t even think about the nautical theme when packing (it was rather rushed) so felt a bit cheesy at first when I got there but the comfort of the jacket made it all worth while.
      Most Gap jeans look awful on me and it’s just 2 styles that work for some reason.

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