Blue Flash

BEIGESANDK28BDPPALESANDBLUE23I’m so thankful for the continued fair weather. Even though I have to wear layers, at least I can still keep a light colour palette a little longer – if we’re lucky. Not to mention using a beloved Kelly (my second). As time goes on, I realise more and more how lucky I was to stumble upon her 3 years ago). Also here, here, here, here and here.PALESANDBLUE2 A basic off duty outfit is so easy for me to reach for nowadays: jeans (Gap Petite lightweight jeans), shirt/blouse and jacket or cardigan – usually a knitted jacket like this by Jaeger. I’ve had it a while and the warm beige/caramel colour combines with everything from blue jeans to navy/black pants to white/ecru/cream.PALESANDBLUEThe 28cm size is perfect for me and I would never stray except that sometimes I need to carry a little more and that’s when I use the 32cm. SKINNYBLUE2I’ve been wanting to wear this grey cotton swing cardigan by Michael Kors for a long while but I just couldn’t get it to work! In the end I had to squeeze into the skinny jeans to balance out the flare.SKINNYBLUEThe cardigan sleeves are much too long so I may end up giving it to my mother.ZEBRAKELLYGap Petite jeans with a very old Gérard Darel zebra stripe silk shirt. I made the effort to wear my silk shirts/blouses more and found they are better with jeans.PINKROSE2Some beautiful roses just growing by the road side I had to capture. Such delicious pink shades to match the twilly 🙂PINKROSEINSIDEBDPColourful bag contents make me smile every time I open my bag. It also makes it easier to spot what I want in a small space.

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6 thoughts on “Blue Flash

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I originally read on Docride’s thread that you can use the B&O on swift although it’s not always necessary due to swift being quite a saturated leather but I felt it needed it after being used a lot over one Summer and it was pre-owned so I did the B&O last year and it was fine. I since read that Lexol wipes are to be used – I have no idea where to order these – I only have Lexol cream which I’ve used with other H leathers and have not been overly happy with the result to be honest – no idea where I’ve gone wrong. Other than that I don’t do anything differently with it than my box or other leather bags. It’s water resistant since it had the O treatment so I’m not overly worried on a daily basis.

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