Shopping List: Reviews and Update

GAPSEPT14COLLAGEI’m taking a moment to reflect on some purchases to fill in long standing gaps and build on recent successes. I love trousers and jeans! Since Gap introduced their Petite range for the UK, I’ve tried my best to restrain myself but couldn’t resist – Petite jeans I don’t need to turn up 5 times – Heaven! The off white pair already worn here will be an alternative to my brilliant white legging jeans and linen mix pants. Good tops are so hard to find and I only needed one more in a dark colour to alternate with 2 pale styles for when a slouchy tee isn’t appropriate. This one is by Gap and in linen, perfect. I was searching for a flirty skirt for the Summer for the last 2 years that was washable and easy to throw on. Gap again in the same linen mix as the trousers here and here. They are exactly what I want!SHOPPINGLISTCOLLAGEThe short trench seems the obvious choice for me and I’ve no idea why I haven’t got one being a coat nut! The navy one above is in fact Zara Girls and the biggest size fits me perfectly everywhere. I bought the same a couple of years ago for my Tween and they never offered a dark version again until this season. I couldn’t believe my luck that the sleeveless linen shirts were on sale in my size at Uniqlo. They really are great value and a classic cut. The shorts by Zara was a sales find too. I don’t wear shorts but these are tailored and yet slouchy enough to pass.FOOTWEARAW14COLLAGEI’ve been on the look out for pointy toe flats, some knee boots and booties similar to the Saint Laurent style from last year. These ones in suede are by Michael Kors at a fraction of the cost. The elastic makes them so easy to slip on and the mid heel is just perfect. I’m replacing some vintage Bally knee boots and thinking of this style as a start.

UNIQLOSILKDRESSCOLLAGELooking forward to next season, I tried on these silk dresses from the current Uniqlo collection. I love the purple and was convinced I needed the same in black which did nothing for me. However, the blue and purple are wonderful. Then I saw it’s also available in the green print. If you are ordering online, check the given measurements carefully because I thought it came out on the small side and sized up. It’s definitely a Spring/Summer weight silk and washable so I will keep an eye out for the sales to add for next season.SALES2014COLLAGEHere’s another short trench/jacket option by Gap. It’s light and the flared shape is super easy for me. I’m very tempted!  I’ve always wanted a down jacket but they were all just too bulky on my frame. Then I tried on the Zara Kids one and sure enough it fits everywhere although it’s a bit long – ideally wanted a shorter jacket style. Still deciding.JEANSSHORTSCOLLAGEMy black denim prayers have been answered by Gap! There were only 2 contenders from the current offerings. The first one is more like a normal stretchy black trousers style (called the Legging Jeans) and the Always Skinny Style is the real denim. I tried on the Petite and Regular a size up from my usual because I’m slightly between sizes and mostly wear my denim looser. The Regular Always Skinny was the best fit.

And my Wildcard item? Shorts. Yes, shorts. For the first time since 1999, I actually found some I like or more truthfully, that don’t look awful on me! I’m encouraged to try a few others so we’ll see if any make it into my Spring/Summer 2015 Edits 🙂

So some of these I can wear now during the transition to Autumn and the rest will have to wait until Spring 2015 but that’s part of the plan. Everything is machine washable including the short trench which is something I’ve chosen to follow with the exception of some Winter items which I accept will need dry cleaning but I still want to keep that to the absolute minimum. Nothing else comes to mind for Winter that I need because luckily, I managed to fill most of that list earlier in the year already. There are a couple of new textures and silhouettes that I’m really looking forward to wearing when the time comes

Just to note how these relate to my closet as a whole and for future planning, I’m getting better at mixing and matching my things – so much better that I’m thinking – gosh I’ve so much to wear 🙂 that feels *new* even though I am in fact recycling. A few of these are replacements for items I’ve had for a long while that no longer fit me as well – I have to move on and accept the changes in my shape no matter how subtle. Fortunately, most of these will keep for my Tween who is also changing in her turn and in a few short months will become a real Teen – yikes!

Thanks for reading!


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