Travel: City Break Packing

CITYLOOKSCOLLAGEI’m going on a short city break in Europe next month and starting the process of packing early by looking back at some outfits that I like, were comfortable and could be appropriate for the season, place and occasion. CITYLOOKSCOLLAGE2I usually travel long haul and with the family in tow so haven’t had much practice at all with packing for carry on luggage only. We don’t tend to travel in the cool or cold weather either so all that said, I’ve learnt a few key points along the way that I want to build on.

Itinerary: 5 Days, 4 Nights

  • 2 Days Travel outfits – there and back.
  • 3 Days of sightseeing on foot.
  • 4 Dinners – 3 casual, 1 official though not formal.

My airline only allows one cabin bag and believe me I would use another if I had the choice. I’ll be staying in a hotel but for such a short time, I won’t bother with washing underwear and will repeat outfits with different accessories. I do like to change for dinner especially after a day’s sightseeing and that includes the shoes. I reviewed the tips collected here and read through Sharron’s – Style At Every Age blog – brilliant article here. Then spent a couple of hours trying things on – outfits for dinners first because they are trickier when it includes something official however casual.DRESSCOLLAGE Black Michael Kors boucle sleeveless LBD with vintage purple suede Ferragamo heels. With the little black wool jacket it’s too formal even for me. Better with the sequin bolero. I was quite surprised how old this made me look and feel!DRESSCOLLAGE2 Better with the pale Jimmy Choo snakeskin kitten heels and vintage python belt. It might be too cold for this combination and my new shawl is warm but I couldn’t take it off with the cut away sleeveless style.DRESSCOLLAGE4 Céline grey wool stretch dress which has cap sleeves – Little Grey Dress. First with the burgundy studded flats then kitten heels. This vintage belt is such a treasure and looks good worn a little below the waist as I have done (in fact because I need another hole put in to fit at my natural waist!)DRESSCOLLAGE5

The black belt that came with the boucle dress was a bit too bulky so if I decide to wear the grey dress with a black belt it will have to be with a vintage skinny black snakeskin belt plus the purple suede heels … and shawl for the official dinner. The other dinners are normal casual. I didn’t get terribly far sadly and if the weather should be unseasonally warm which looks likely, I should be ok and won’t need to take the black boucle dress.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Travel: City Break Packing

  1. Style At Every Age (@styleateveryage)

    It isn’t easy packing for a city break especially when you have official dinners to attend. For me the footwear is always a problem, I took 5 pairs away with me and a couple of pairs only got worn once over the 10 days so in hindsight, it was the first time I’d done this and most certainly the last! You always live and learn with packing and if I were you I would take one pair of heels that will go with every evening outfit and don’t forget to stuff your shoes with underwear! Thank you for the mention xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      My pleasure! It helped me a lot to go through your article! I always start with the shoes … first question is always where are my feet going to be and what will they be doing? Then I work upwards. I think this is because as I get older, comfy feet are non negotiable wherever I may be.

      Yes, I intend to only take the suede or the snakeskin depending on the weather. Then for travel and sightseeing, ankle boots plus if I can squeeze them in, flats as a spare just in case.

      If I was doing just one or 2 things it would be easier. On Summer holidays we always end up doing a variety of things so my several pairs of shoes get used a few times each and in any case, one of my pet peeves is getting toe marks on the inside sole after a season. Rotating the footwear seems to help prevent it in the short term.

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