Blue All Over

BLUEKELLYJEANS I never used to think I had a favourite colour, always choosing a small selection of neutrals but now I can finally say I do and it’s Blue! Most shades in fact. It’s the colour that flatters and although not the most exciting in the world, it’s a total work horse for me which is most important. I must link to Sharron’s Style At Every Age Holiday Blues post as well here.BLUEKELLYJEANS2 And this outfit from the other week is the best example. Even my blue Kelly was getting a lot of love, rightly so.
BLUEKELLYJEANS3 I don’t normally post this many photos of the same outfit but hope you understand this time 🙂BLUEKELLYJEANS4 You can also see why the shoulder strap is too short for most people and I’ve seen pretty inventive extensions. For me it’s just right so not complaining at all!BLUEKELLYJEANS5You know the quote by Mlle Chanel, ‘Luxury must be comfortable or else it is not luxury’, well this certainly applies to accessories too. I’ve also found they look better worn casually. Everyday luxury is my mantra 🙂
BLUEKELLYJEANSCROPThe combination of the size and buttery soft swift leather makes for a very huggable bag!

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3 thoughts on “Blue All Over

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Well it’s a difficult choice but put it this way … on a cold afternoon, it would have to be swift over box … Fear of swift is unfounded, just look at your gorgeous KP.

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