Closet Update: A Little Forward Planning

SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_050-683x1024These images are doing the rounds and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head!

I just can’t get you outta my head La la la, la la la la la … !

I didn’t think it was possible to make jeans any easier to wear after the explosion of the ‘boyfriend’ until these fabulous ladies showed the way forward! Tchesmeni-Leonard-1_1-682x1024Or is it backwards to my beloved 70’s? Also I’ve had a clear out. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I found a lot of pretty shoes that could be worn just like these with jeans. It’s very exciting to stumble on new possibilities of using them more rather than exclusively with dresses and skirts. My last clear out was 4 years ago when I was far too lenient. It had to happen again now because my Tween is growing out of the kids range everywhere even though she’s not exactly big for her age. But I have a lot of things that I’ve already given to her – jumpers/cardis/tees and other stuff such jeans/trousers/dresses/skirts from when I was at my smallest, will fit her soon enough. She needed some new underwear so told her to start looking for packs of knickers in M&S in a size 8 last month while I rushed to try some undies on myself. She called back confused, ‘Age 8?’. And so I had to clarify that she would fit in a Ladies’ Size 8. I’ll save the anomallies of sizing for a later time!00460h_1280x1920-682x1024Even Gucci’s designer looks completely the part and wonderfully at are a similar cut to my grey wool Theory pants – turn ups and all – that I love and the suede tunic could not be more perfect. Elizabeth-Khan-GreigAlso loving the wide leg pants. SS15_NewYork_Womens_Style_Selects_039-1-1024x683 Caroline-Issa_v_7sep14_dvora_b-682x1024And the long A line just epitomises everything I love in a dress outfit. Would prefer flats of course but then I’m a normal, everyday person.188-jackie-kennedy-theredlistAnd we come to this photo of Jackie Kennedy that I’ve never seen before until a couple of months ago and it completely blew me away. Hard to believe it’s from over 33 years ago and looks so up to date. Right down to her ankle strap low wedges. Cool, comfortable, chic, classic. Yep forget diamonds, those are my 4 C’s 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Closet Update: A Little Forward Planning

  1. Style At Every Age (@styleateveryage)

    I love the image of the wide legged trousers with the red patterned top – gorgeous! Nothing worse than a teen who is going into adult sizes, it’s really hard and I think my girls were about 14 when they no longer wanted the designer threads I had always dressed them in and started a love affair with Topshop! x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Agree, isn’t that look so chic and pretty? Her first designer piece was a Stella McCartney A line denim skirt and it’s so gorgeous on her but I think she’s going to be very high street somehow. xx

  2. Pret a Porter P

    I could completely see you in that white gucci dress.
    I think it’s okay if the kids dress high street at their age. they want to fit in, and may not “get it” yet. They have the rest of their life to wear the good stuff, and be passed down all the hermes 😉

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