Loose Woman

LOOSENEUTRALSI’m squeezing out the last of the light cottons before Autumn sets in and having to reach for heavier versions. In fact I needed an outer layer but missed the chance to use the new short trench. LOOSENEUTRALS2I’m going to try to use my pale neutral bags for as long as I can. Here’s the vache naturel Dalvy that happens to match the Cobra Society slippers. LOOSENEUTRALS3I wish I’d taken this white cotton top on holiday. It’s perfectly cool and easy to wear.LOOSERFor a cooler day, I opted to go darker with the linen mix Gap pants, Mango cotton stripe jumper teamed with the navy Trim and black leather studded Opening Ceremony loafers. My necklace and the patent black Céline belt are vintage. LOOSER2I broke another rule for me as a short person: don’t wear loose on top AND bottom. Well I did, felt very comfortable and the world didn’t come crashing down! It’s the length of the jumper (not too long) and the tailored pants that save it. Sorry for the pale and sickly face – I am totally pitiful this week – hope you’re having a much better one than me! LOOSER3I’ll be posting about what I learnt during my closet clear out and finalising my European city break next week.

Thanks for reading!


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