Autumn Double Denim and Black Accessories

NEWLAWI found my denim shirt afterall the searching high (end) and low (end) and everything in between :-). At H&M Boys of course! Here with old Gap 1969 grey bf jeans and short dark blue trench, black leather Mysuelly flats and Hermès Kelly 28 in black box leather. NEWLAW2I had several specific requirements for the denim shirt, slim fit, slim sleeves, light weight denim, right shade of blue and no extra embellishments. This has it all. I like that it looks good buttoned right up plus the real pockets.NEWLAW3The trench is a dark blue, blue not navy but I like this because ultimately it will be used during Spring and late Summer too. It’s lined, fully washable and there’s a drawstring feature to add a bit of shape if you wish. The sleeves are narrow so wouldn’t be able to be worn over a bulky jumper. It’s pretty true to size – XS for me. NEWLAW4I’ve been avoiding black for several years and it’s only in the last couple that I’ve worn black clothes and accessories regularly. I wore enough corporate black so it felt too formal when I had a choice. However, I realised it can work surprisingly well with my casual stuff such as the denim – even matched up – something I’d never do before. I think a black or brown belt/bag/shoes combo still lookd uncontrived rather than a particular colour.

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