Closet Audit 2014: What I Learnt + A/W List

This is it, after my mammoth clearing out session (still unfinished) that yielded enough bin bags to create my own small landmass, I have SPACE, EMPTY HANGERS and ROOM to browse inside my closets without fighting against a dead weight on either side. Why, oh why, did I ever let it get like this? Essentially, I dislike clutter – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I guess it all gathered and multiplied in my closets 🙂 The bulk is done which is the main thing so I can better keep up with maintaining it like this from now on … gotta aim high!

Here’s how Garance Doré did hers Garance: the Edit and Karima of A Note on Style: a Major Purge

A run down:

  •  dresses – okay, I love dresses and whilst I wear them all year round I still hung on to some many that didn’t/don’t suit me and overall there was still too much, so a few thrown out and no more additions!
  • skirts – similar to the above but not quite as bad … 🙂
  • shirts/blouses – I’m wearing my shirts more and only keeping my favourite blouses.
  • jumpers/tees – I got these right – enough variations, used on regular rotation for most of the year.
  • cardigans – surprisingly lacking in a long, lean length – only one in black
  • trousers – ok on the whole but alas middle age dictates that those I hung on desperately in the hope of wearing on ‘good’ unbloated days are now neatly boxed for Tween.
  • jeans – ok, though I found that the Petite range jeans are too short in the rise for me so pointless. I ended up buying the regular as before.
  • coats – as a certifiable coat nut, surprisingly, I was able to part with a few which is always good news!
  • jackets – ok because I stopped buying any for the last 2 years but still managed to throw out a lot.
  • shoes – I completely rearranged their storage and it’s a joy now to be able to reach for what I want when I want. There were only a few pairs thrown out!
  • jewels and belts- I’ve yet to tackle these so tbc
  • scarves – I’m pleased with my little collection. This worked because it took a while building and I thought about each addition for a very long time. Not sure why I can do this with scarves and less so with whole garments …
  • bags – also completely rearranged these (H, Céline, Chanel) and releasing a few only to make room for ones better suited but cleared out piles of other stuff!

One of the reasons for my leniency 4 years ago was that I simply didn’t know how I would feel about certain clothes because I was still trying to find my way out of the wilderness years. Four years on and I have a much better sense of how I want to look and most importantly what works for me for the everyday. I’m glad I always kept an open mind to try new and different things otherwise I never would have moved forward and evolved.

What works is making my biannual shopping lists and sticking to them. This became easier as time went on and now that my closet is more severely edited than it’s ever been, it will become even easier to compile my lists in future. Although I’m not in the least fashion led, I like to know what’s going on and if there is something I like, I will inevitably have something to use – one happy result of being 47 and a half! For example the stripe shirt from this post, I have one already from 1988 and it was certainly second hand when I got it! I can’t even remember where I found it but I’ve never been able to part with it although the last time I wore it must be over 13 years ago. So now it’s back in rotation and I feel I look better in it this time round than before!

Now that I have a clearer idea of the looks I wear, it’s a lot easier to narrow my focus. This involves changing my long time habit of buying vintage, this will now revolve around my H bags and jewellery generally instead of all clothes and shoes as well. Each time I went wrong and made a purchase that didn’t ultimately work, it was because I sacrificed, fit and feel and didn’t think about the context of not just my lifestyle but the rest of my closet. Now, I really feel like I can sit back and enjoy my closet and seasonal tweaks.

The List:

  • Burgundy leather pointy toe loafers (I have burgundy bags so would work to match)
  • black leather gloves (managed without last year but really need it this Winter)
  • slim, long grey cardi (a veritable gap)
  • slim fit long sleeve white shirt (never bought that linen M&S one!)
  • short pink cashmere jumper (I know I’ll be passing on more of my jumpers to my kids from now on so can add replacements and variety)
  • loose straight leg jeans a là 70’s.

The Closets CLOSET12014There are slight changes already and they’re a lot more accessible than they were here. Above is pretty much my normal everyday (except for jeans that are now on the bottom shelf on the right). It’s all mostly neutral. I do take the dust covers off the bags and air them out plus they are in some sort of rotation all year round now. The bags on the bottom shelf are vintage that I collected over the decades and reduced from about double and have already cleared out half more of that. Jumpers are in separate drawers. Very Summery clothes are packed away and a couple heavy coats are hung up elsewhere.CLOSET14This is the more special, eveningwear and not everyday items plus Céline bags, H belts and scarves at the bottom. A bit more colourful which is more a reflection of me. My shoes are on an old ebony shelf below. I’ve never been one to store shoes with clothes. I love this shelf so much – found it in my local charity shop. Wellies and tall boots live just under the bed during the Summer … not everywhere else around the house like they used to before the cull.CLOSET32014Over 25 years’ worth of footwear including my beloved Jimmy Choo Couture wedding shoes that remain my most comfortable.

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Closet Audit 2014: What I Learnt + A/W List

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      2 wardrobes is the ideal and I’m striving to get rid of the stuff packed away … hopefully before the next 4 years! In this climate it will be 3/4 autumn/winter/transeasonal and 1/4 Summer if that much. xx

  1. Pret a Porter P

    Good job on the purge. The plus is that you have a daughter that you can pass things on to (and steal back when you want ;p)
    When I was younger I was so particular about the minute things got shabby I got rid of them. Now, I wear things that are in tatters. As I’ve become more discerning about what I bring in, it’s harder for me to let go of things unless I know I don’t want it anymore.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I have 2 daughters in fact and it would be just my luck they’d refuse my H and good stuff when the time comes … lol.
      I know what you mean about things wearing out, I used to be the same and then didn’t mind it so much. The only thing I really dislike is worn down shoes. But it’s still hard for me to get rid of anything!

  2. happyface313

    🙂 Congratulations! You are really good and have done an excellent job!
    Your bags – wow, wow, wow! 🙂
    I’m pretty good in some parts of my wardrobe and in others…forget it. I will take you as an example, next time I really have time for a clear out!
    Have a very HAPPY week xo 🙂

  3. A Note On Style

    Thanks for the mention! I would have a hard time passing on any of your beautiful bags. You have an amazing collection! And you’re right, the regret purchases I’ve made over the years were those that were never right from the start…fit, lifestyle, etc. Live and learn…one thing does get better with age…wisdom!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I’m so sorry Karima – your comment ended up in my spam folder! Yes, you’re right live and learn … trying not to beat myself up too much about it 🙂 Thank you very much – I rely more and more on my bags and accessories!

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