Film Friday: Lucy

I haven’t done a film review for a long while simply because I don’t get many chances to see grown up films so when the film ‘Lucy’ came out in the Summer holiday (way before its premier in the UK) I couldn’t believe my luck! Nor could a lot of other people because that weekend, cinema websites crashed and seats were sold out across many cinemas.indexThe draw was Luc Besson for me. I loved his films before realising they were his. His fans won’t be disappointed. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a film with Scarlett Johansson, amazing isn’t it except that she’s really not of my generation I guess. Anyway, I was very impressed by her portrayal of Lucy. Luc_Besson_interview_-_WonderCon_2014_article_story_largeI thought this scene was particularly intimate and identifiable to so many people. I mean, who hasn’t been asked to do something they’re just not comfortable with by someone they think they love and/or want to impress and/or not want to let down? images LUCYI like that she looks like an everywoman. lucy-scarlett-johanssonSignature Luc Besson! If you’ve seen ‘Nikita‘ you will have déjà vu. Feeling-human-spirit-e1406175939907How do you convey something that is at present unknown, something that is ‘futuristic’? Of course you can make up whatever you want and technology allows unlimited free reign to your imagination but Scarlett kept it simple, realistic and identifiable to us I believe resulting in a better connection with the story and her character. lucy-movie-photo-9-550x386Besson likes his heroines in LBDs, yep he does 🙂 lucy4When is Morgan ever not good? lucy_3003495b LUCYIt’s become a massive hit. I found it both entertaining and thought provoking – can’t ask much more of a blockbuster these days!

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