Scarf Love

GREENSCARFCLOSEI’ve always worn silk and other scarves so that by the time I left home, I owned a little collection including vintage and new. I even made one here. Among them was one Hermès scarf then after a long gap, another was gifted to me here but it’s only in the last few years when I embarked on the H – ahem- adventures, that I slowly added a few more. It’s an incredibly useful piece of silk! As a belt here. Once, when my kids were very small, I ran out of bags/hands/patience and tied a couple of knots in the silk scarf I was wearing and made a bag for all the extra paraphenalia that inevitably followed. And this Summer wore one as a backless top here. GREENSCARFIt’s pretty difficult to go wrong with a scarf but if you’d like guidance on choosing, Mai Tai has wonderful advice here. This is an old design and it took me a while to learn to wear it as my closet evolved. As an accessory, they are indispensible to add colour and pattern to my neutral wardrobe. Also I love the twilly format for my bags here. I wear a scarf all year round now and from the classic 90cm silk twill format, have branched out into the gavroche size, mousseline and most recently into the large 140cm GM shawl. Whatever next I wonder 🙂

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Scarf Love

  1. SusanA

    I am returning to scarves after a long break… what type of knot and size is in the photo? I really like hiding the scarf ends and the clean knot with your casual outfit. It looks fresh and doesn’t overpower. Love it!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! It’s the 90cm square and all I did was fold it in half on the diagonal, wrapped it around and tie the ends once (loose knot) and tucked the ends inside my jumper. I always think it’s quite masculine as to me it looks similar to a cravat once the ends are tucked in. I know what you mean about the ‘overpower’ aspect, especially with colours and patterns in the 90cm size. That’s why I love the tiny gavroche but I do not have a single 70cm size which I think this very casual knot would look better in.


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