Travel: City Break – Day 1

TRAVELOUTFITOCT14B My travel outfit that I had to amend with the addition of the linen jumper over my tee due to the weather being cold and very wet on the way to the airport.TRAVELOUTFITOCT14EMy Hermès shawl with the Zara quilted jacket. TRAVELOUTFITOCT14DThe colours in this shawl make a great combination. It’s my first shawl and I loved it the moment I pulled it on!LIFTSMy hotel floor at the Crowne Plaza, Geneva, Switzerland. Rain was predicted for the following day so I borrowed an umbrella from reception. The hotel has a free bus shuttle service to and from the airport every 20 minutes and as a tourist I got a free bus pass for the duration of my stay! This was to prove an excellent initiative. LIFTS2Seashells, waxy orchid leaves, beaten metal vase. ROOMThe double room (I messed up the original configuration of the pillows). On the wall on the right is the mini bar and tv screen unit. Further back on the right is the wardrobe (lots of wooden hangers) and the bathroom on the left. BATHROOM2The tap at the sink (unseen) was mounted a little too high so water splashed all around no matter how careful you are. It was clean, modern and well finished if a little too beige …BATHROOM The water force from the shower was good! Plenty of shelf space. Nice basic toiletries but alas no slippers.KBEDKelly Brique trying out the bed …  The housekeeping was excellent and all the different ladies were quite friendly.BUSIt was late afternoon but we decided to make use of our free bus pass and head into the city. The bus stop was just in the front of the hotel and the buses come every few minutes until around midnight. They are the single story long tram like style, clean and spacious. I snapped a tram from the bus above. BUS2 Crossing one of the bridges in the ‘Old Town’. Along here are mostly banks.BUILDINGSHOPS DOOR DOOR2STREETHDVILLEThe light was already too faded for proper photos but I snapped away in any case. We walked up a steep hill. This is the Hotel de Ville. CATHEDRALThe cathedral which was amazingly beautiful. I usually try to avoid people in my tourist photos but I was glad these two wandered in! SQUAREThe square where the cathedral stands.STATUETo the far left was this statue. I love how natural it looks – the movement was perfectly captured! STEEPSTEPSWhen you go up, you have to go down again! There were several routes all steeply downwards. STEPSI love the flow of the steps. On the right was a kindergarten which had closed then but was full of little children playing when I went back a couple of days later. HERMESBack on the level and what a lucky sight! It was part of the street where the major brands were. That lady was very stylish indeed and definitely The Sartorialist worthy. HALZANSThe new Halzan bags in the window.HERMES4Very Spring like colours. HERMES3 HERMES2Pure cashmere coat and joggers I presume.CHANELChanel. CELINECéline.

Next will be Day 2 – breakfast and official dinner.

Thanks for reading!


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