Travel: City Break – Day 2//Breakfast//Dinner

XPRESSBREAKFAST2The hotel’s ‘Express Breakfast’. The porridge like thing in the preserve jar is ‘birchermuësli’ and was delicious! It was my first time. You can find some info on it here. A good breakfast is very important to me at home and doubly so when away. The croissant was also yummy and the latte strong – the next morning I had to ask for a side jug of hot milkto dilute it with. My little blue Karo was very useful for coming down for breakfast without having to bring my whole bag. I’m not the most cheerful person first thing in the morning. The best thing is allow me to get to the kitchen or buffet for breakfast! It’s not that I’m very hungry when I wake up – like my son for example (actually he’s hungry all the time but that’s another story!) – but I can eat quite a big breakfast, light Continental or heavier cooked either English style or Oriental (broth/soups/noodles etc). However, I’ve yet to try the raw or smoked fish selection that was once on offer. TRAVELDAY1BThe weather was very mild. Gap chambray top, Zara navy tailored pants, Via Spiga pointy toe flats and the Kelly. No sightseeing today.TRAVELDAY1COnly took the camera down to breakfast. TRAVELDAY1By the time the evening came, it started to rain steadily but we were undeterred – after all we’re used to it and still caught the bus armed with our umbrella! TRAVELDAY1EVELND2Here is the evening outfit: Little Navy Dress by Mango. It’s lined so felt substantial and et washes like a dream. Jimmy Choo python kitten heels, fun vintage multicolour earrings and the Kenneth Jay Lane cocktail ring.TRAVELDAY1EVELNDDETAILS3I really don’t mind mixing my metals.TRAVELDAY1EVELNDDETAILSMost of the creases fell out of of my clothes after I hung them up so no need for an ironing service.TRAVELDAY1EVELNDIt’s the perfect weight and length of dress, discrete sleeve detail, side pockets and figure skimming.TRAVELDAY1EVELNDSHAWLI planned to wear only the shawl. TRAVELDAY1EVELNDSHAWL2But the temperature dropped sufficiently for the cardigan and jacket. I took the hood off so it didn’t look too casual. TRAVELDAY1EVELNDSHAWL3I put the Kelly in the envirosax bag for protection from the rain en route.TRAVELDAY1EVELND5 At the venue. I only took my mobile for the photos. The hotel was an old one with lots of charm. The lady behind me was very chic in her skirt outfit – that was my other option. In the end I was just glad I chose exactly the right outfit for the occasion. I could have worn my white jeans – our ‘hostess’ did – a pair complete with front zip pockets – that was er .. surprising.KBRIQUETRAVEL3Kelly enjoyed the lovely chairs.TILESOld looking tiles. WETSHOESWet shoes. It would take my shoes 2 days to dry out (stuffed with newspaper). BALCONIES Balconies overlooking the reception.CHERUBSCherubs on the ceiling. COCKTAILSCocktails and the littlest burger you ever saw but also the yummiest! GLASSESTable setting. MENUMenu. Honestly the dinner was nothing special to report, quite disappointing in fact – it must have been the Chef’s night off! I’d much rather have one very good dish than several courses of mediocre food.SOFA En route to the Ladies’.LOOYou could tell the hotel was very old by these doors. LADIESThe bathroom with a surprising floral arrangement. I always check out the ladies’! RECEPTIONA lounge area just off the main Reception. RECEPTION2Who doesn’t love a chandelier? CHANDDay 3 will be sightseeing, museum and Hermès.

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9 thoughts on “Travel: City Break – Day 2//Breakfast//Dinner

  1. ladysarahinlondon

    Gorgeous! May I ask about your ring? Lovely statement piece. Good to know about this hotel – it is true that sometimes hotels have trouble catering for large numbers. They need to simplify the menu. 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! The ring was bought as a gift for my SIL but when it arrived, I realised the colours with the goldtone were just too much for her complexion so kept it and bought her something else much prettier! It was accidental in that respect and I’ve loved it eversince.

  2. happyface313

    🙂 Thanks for all the lovely pictures! You’ve really packed well and I love all the little thoughtful details. Agree with LadySarahInLondon – be-au-ti-ful ring!!
    Enjoy your trip! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you, you’re most welcome! 🙂 This is the first time I’ve succeeded in packing so well – with the help of reading invaluable guides and tips from various favourite bloggers. It was a wonderful little trip.

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