Travel: City Break – Day 3//Sightseeing//Museum Part I

TRAVELDAY3COUPA whole day of sightseeing! Details of my outfit and essential cross body bag mode. I’m having to split the day into 2 parts due to all the photos.STREETThis little street and others like it were full of curious little shops, signs, window shutters (love!) and pops of brightly coloured flowers. CROCKERYCrockery window display. I love the clean and graphic look. Then retraced my steps from the late afternoon of my first day. HDEVILLE3HDEVILLEThe building looked deserted – perfect for snoops with a camera like me! COBBLESEven the fallen leaves looked so pretty scattered on the cobbles. TREETRUNK STREETFLAGSIt started out pretty cloudy in the morning and everyone at the bus stop wore coats but it turned into a very fine day. STREET2The whole area was generally very clean with no obvious rubbish around and certainly no dog mess. VIEWJETDEAU This time taking in the view over the city. On the right you can see the famous Jet d’Eau, that’s how high up we were.STREET3 Overall, it reminded me very much of France. Even the road signs and house numbers are exactly the same colour and format.STREET4 Climbing up another steep hill. I loved this green grocers.SQUAREIt was lunchtime and everyone seemed to be out eating and smoking – I have never seen so many people smoking in public for a very long time, men and women alike! BONPOINTI came across many lovely little chops and this one I had to go in for a closer look –  loved the window display. BONPOINT2I’d love to wear that big jumper and little flirty skirt combo too! BONPOINT3There was a gorgeous little leather jacket I really wanted to try on but they only had the tiny sizes.KOOPLESI snapped this sneakily inside the Kooples shop which was very stylish indeed.museeOur destination was the Musée d’Arts et Histoire. It was fantastique and I will only show a very few photos from the dozens I took. musee2Grand double staircase entrace complete with red carpet.SILVER Silverware.EGYPTEgyptian collection. POTS2 POT4 POTS3 POTS POT5 BIRDGreek and Roman collection. SCULPTURECHESTArtefacts and wooden room from a Chateaux.WOODROOM ROOM Room decor.POTROOM2 Detail of the golden corners.GOLDENJEWELS Jewels.JEWELS2

Part II will be about Hermès and Dinner.

Thanks for reading!


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