Travel: City Break – Day 3 Hermès//Dinner Part II

halzangreenI had to split Day 3 into 2 because of so many photos. The Hermès Halzan bag that I got to meet later …. The store was on 3 levels, ground held the shawls, scarves and other accessories. The sales ladies were a lot friendlier than I expected! I greeted them as I entered which is very normal politeness of course and began to look around. One approached me to ask if I needed help and as I was interested in the shawls, that’s how our interaction continued. Since the neither the shawls nor scarf I wanted were available, I asked about bags and they directed me to the 3rd floor where there were also the Ladies RTW and Homeware.WHITEThis was my full outift without the scarf. I’m still in awe that the colours work so well with every outfit I seem to wear it with. WHITE10 Although it was October, the weather was good enough, so I thought why not wear my white jeans again? White Gap Leggings Jeans, Theory navy silk shirt, Zara Girls off white cardi, vintage Gucci belt, Coup de Fouet scarf and Clarks Girls metallic flats.REDHALZAN2Ok, so this is me carrying the Halzan bag in Rouge Casaque: REDHALZANI LOVE its convertible nature! The Assistant’s English was not as good the ladies on the groundfloor but we managed and she was happy to adjust the bags for me AND allowed me to take these mobile photos. I did beg ask nicely 🙂 BLUEHALZAN2*sigh* the BLUE! I could not have picked a better shirt, no? 🙂 BLUEHALZANI was convinced from photos and discussions on The purse Forum that it would be too big for me at 30cm across and that the depth would be too slim for my particular preferance. However, those concerns melted away BUT the deal breaker that prevented a H-appy ending is the shoulder strap width – it’s a bit too thin and bothered me. Also the curved adges of the flap worried me in case in time they might stretch and the Assistant could not reassure me otherwise. I don’t think the long strap is as thin as the on the Ks but I still couldn’t overlook it and would prefer it to be even just 1cm wider then only problem would have been to choose the colour which is very, very hard already! What do you think of this style? I’ve since read that after moderate use the leather has softened and it doesn’t take to being overstuffed too well. Somehow I’m not sure there’s going to be a vintage market for this bag ….silkdresseve3bAfter all that Halzan love fest, I needed a nicerelaxing evening with dinner to savour the memories … silkdresseve3 GLASSHouse wine. COLOURSKI’m always on the look out for unusual colour combinations! PRAWNCOCKTAILTheir version of Prawn Cocktail. SOUP Soup.PERCHPerch which was beyond delicious and more than made up for the disappointing previous evening’s dinner. SALMON Salmon was also delicious.SIDES2Sides. SIDESMine was the spinach and though the little copper pot was tiny, it held a lot! We were too full for dessert sadly. The service was impeccable so we were very happy! TRAVELEVE3KBRIQUEI bought the dress several years ago and never knew the reddish brown accents would later echo my K Brique. Day 4 will feature a cruise on the Lake, UN and a mall visit.

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10 thoughts on “Travel: City Break – Day 3 Hermès//Dinner Part II

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I’m sure you don’t 🙂 But I know what you mean. Thank you! It has taken me years to get to grips with the basics and apply it to my own needs and taste, yes, I think I got it this time!

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