Closet Audit: Updates and Spring 2015

I feel I’m making better progress this time armed with better research and more tried and tested examples this whole year. Here was my orginal A/W Shopping list:

  • Burgundy leather pointy toe loafers (I have burgundy bags so would work to match)
  • black leather gloves (managed without last year but really need them this Winter)
  • slim, long grey cardi (a veritable gap)
  • slim fit long sleeve white shirt (never bought that linen M&S one!)
  • short pink cashmere jumper (I know I’ll be passing on more of my jumpers to my kids from now on so can add replacements and variety)
  • loose straight leg jeans a là 70’s.

Working through the list, we’ll leave the Burgundy flats for now, the gloves can be a xmas present (I am horrible to gift generally … as you might be able to imagine ….) so that can be ticked off.

Simple Basics: The white shirt is as elusive as ever, there’s one at Uniqlo but it’s sold out in my size so the search continues – it’s true the simplest things are hardest to find! I adore my silk shirts and only kept my favourites from the cull. I had vowed to wear them more before the cull and it’s so much easier now. My shirts also got a lot of use this year and I allowed myself to add 2 or 3 more. These are Gap Boys Size L that fit me perfectly everywhere.cn8102257 cn8102395Knitwear Forever! I found the long slim grey cardi at Mango, on discount and liked it so much, I’m getting it in navy too. The pink cashmere jumper is a luxe upgrade and pink because I do love the colour (had an old cotton Gap Girls that’s passed on now) and my best neutrals are white, navy, grey. I’ve been re-distributing my knitwear (ie over Tween’s way) and needed a couple of things to plug the gaps ie a navy chunky Aran cardi and Aran jumper. I really want texture and add more cashmere.33013506_N1_R 33040103_N1_R 33015504_90Run Around Footwear: So the pointy toe Burgundy flats have been sacrificed for the sake of practicality, real life needs and a style update. I love my loafers and leather slippers – they got used and rotated the moment they arrived but I don’t need any more. What I need are the leather skater and sneaker versions that better suit my increasing run around mode. They also serve to dress down my tailored pants while giving my jeans an update. I am not a trainer wearer but my plimsolls got a lot of wear this year and it’s only logical to find a leather version. I find the skater style really appealing too for their simplicity and ease of wear but I LOVE how Phoebe Philo wears her plain white trainers!_MON1051Jeans Collection: The other thing I noticed is that I am wearing pants and jeans more in a variety of ways. This has helped me to resist adding any more skirts and dresses despite the cull. I allowed myself to add some black/navy legging jeans to round out my denim collection and the straight leg jeans I found at H&M Girls fortunately.cn5775697Spring 2015: I thought I was going well over my original list but really the extra shirts (the navy and khaki pure cotton by Gap Boys above are thick enough to wear now and can layer up over tees), skaters/plain white trainers (worn with skirts and dresses too), straight leg jeans and long cardis (worn with light skirts and dresses) will all serve me straight into next Spring and even Summer. The Gap Boys blue cotton gingham shirt is so soft and comfy to wear. I have to do another cull of dresses/skirts to make room for updates that I’m finding now (I usually shop out of season).cn8101771 These are the Adidas Nizza Lo – the plainest white leather trainers I could find so far that comes in my size.jd_136388_a

Investments: What investment means to me is slightly different now. I have most on the list of ‘Classic Investment’ buys of trench/good skirt/jacket/trousers/LBD/coat/bag/shoes/jewels I always read about growing up. The investments are items that allow me to better compliment and maybe update my existing closet regularly – accessories! In the old days, I used to add little vintage treasures found in various second hand shops that gave my corporate and safe classic dressing some sense of myself. Now, at my age and lifestyle, I feel I’m dressing younger than I ever did when I was 25! But accessories remain the defining touch and that’s why they are my true investments namely my H collection, footwear plus vintage and a few modern pieces of ‘junk’ jewels.

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Closet Audit: Updates and Spring 2015

  1. Vicky Brearley

    You’re so sensible and logical with your approach to clothes. My heart definitely rules my head, hence a wardrobe crammed with psychedelia, feather boas and huge platform shoes! x

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I had a few AF pieces – alas the fit is too feminine for my broad shoulders – sob! I still love my old Burberry one but wanted a closer fit version that’s all.

  2. GamKau

    I really like how methodical you go about updating your wardrobe, it certainly helps prevent wardrobe orphans. Too many times I have ended up with things that just don’t get used!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! It’s doesn’t come naturally to me 🙂 But not using something annoys me too much nowadays – must be getting old and grumpy – so trying to change my ways.

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