Another Cherry on my ‘H’ Cake

K32RH78CLOSEWhat can I say except I couldn’t resist?K32RH78FI was convinced my Kelly family was complete here. Then a couple of months ago this mysterious vintage beauty appeared. Mysterious indeed because I was looking for a brownish tone Rouge H for once (previously only wanted the cherry Rouge H here most often found in vintage bags). Yes, the colour is dark but much deeper than any RH I’ve ever seen before and then the cherry stitching? What does that mean?k32rh78At first I thought the leather had been dyed but the consistent colour all over the bag, on the clochette and all with no strange behaviour once I started the conditioning process, made me think perhaps not. Despite being drier than the Sahara, there was virtually no damage to note – not even scuffs – although she had been used.K32RHIt’s taken a lot of conditioning, many applications of Blackrock – lost count how many – to make any difference in the wrinkled appearance. I’m just coming up to maybe the halfway point in this photo above. My 9 year old Sweetie girl was eating her snack and watching me buff at the bag like a thing possessed and was telling me how much she loves the colour. She had called it purple the first time she saw it  and suddenly said she liked the colour because it looks like the nail varnish I use on my toes. I had painted my toes before going on my City Break and it was Chanel’s Rouge Noir! Why didn’t I think of that? Anyway she’s perfectly perceptive and Rouge Noir is the best way I can describe the true nature of this particular colour. K32RH2Undone.K28PDPJust to contrast with my Kelly Peau de Porc which is matte.

I will post again once the process is finished …. it could be a long, long while!

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Another Cherry on my ‘H’ Cake

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I condition all my bags myself (except the H exotics, they went to the H Artisan), relatively straight forward once you know how and get in the practice. I’m obssessed with this one and wish I could use her now but must wait …

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