Travel: Cruise//UN//Mall – Day 4

LAKEOur main destination for the lunch time cruise on Lake Geneva. The weather that day was glorious! TRAVELDAY4Firstly, the breakfast outfit. H&M white viscose tee, vintage black Gucci belt, old Zara navy pants, Hermès Rive Fertile scarf and black CDC, Via Spiga flats.RIVEFLEUVE2Then add the Kelly. RIVEFLEUVE4Bus ready! TRAVELDAY4DETAILSPLANTMARKETA little market and statue on the way to the harbour. STATUE FLOWERCLOCKJETDEAUThe famous flower clock.CRUISEAfter buying our tickets and boarding we were off! SKYSEAThe scenery was stunning and the weather was the best we could hope for.CRUISE2We had to stick to a specific route on the lake on account of the French border going down it.CRUISE3It reminded me very much of my other little trip on the water here. FOIEGRASLunch was served: foie gras starter. LOBSTERSOUPLobster soup. MAINSMains of steak and fries. DESSERTDessert. The cruise passed very quickly for a couple of hours since we were in the company of a lovely German lady and her British husband.MEMORIALA memorial. MEMORIAL2BUILDINGSOnce back on land we decided to walk to our next destination and enjoy the scenery along the way. BALCONIESThe beautiful buildings lining the promenade were incredible. Although many stories high, because the stones were light coloured, streets were wide and uncluttered, the effect was still light and airy. CORNER This was the view from the balconies.PROMENDAE DRINKINGWATERThere were water fountains dotted all over the city.SPOUTThis beautiful statue wouldn’t last a minute back in my home town.STATUE2The sky clouded over from time to time. SKYSEA2 UNAnd there it was suddenly – the United Nations building and fountains! Yes, that is an oversized chair in the distance… It is the Broken Chair.UNFOUNTAIN This area was very open and spacious. The fountains activate every couple of minutes.UN2We were too late for the last tour on our last full day sadly.UNWe caught the bus back to the hotel. I really enjoyed this long walk. For most of my life I walked everywhere and took it for granted in cities like London where I used to live and Paris where I used to spend many Summers. Unlike these big cities, Geneva felt very calm and had a small town feel.APARTMENTSA more ordinary apartment block. GARDENS KBRIQUERIVEFLEUVE Kelly had a rest before going to explore the Mall.BWKBRIQUE The warm day and all the walking were great and the hot shower even better!BWKBRIQUE2 I changed into my all white again with the Vince black viscose tee.BWKBRIQUECLOSEThe Mall was 2 bus stops along and very busy at that time of the evening. We grabbed something to eat from the food court and passed this facility in the Mall = space for nursing. It definitely would have made my life a lot easier a few years back.ALLAITEMENTThere were the usual shops, supermarkets, phamarcy, cinema and a provision for little children of games and rides involving a local cartoon character. MACARONSThere was a shop selling lots of wine like an Oddbins I guess only smarter but they also sold chocolates and savoury open sandwiches with a selection of desserts so people were effectively wine tasting or enjoying a wine fuelled supper in the shops. DESSERT CHOCSI really love this – obssessed is more accurate – Sportmax coat first seen here and was amazed to see it in the window of their boutique so I took a photo but a woman came running out telling me not to. So I stopped and didn’t bother to go in to try it on. SPORTMAXCOATIt was raining again when we left but left the umbrella back at the hotel so I untied my scarf and put it on my head to dash across the road to the bus stop. A little night cap ended a busy but wonderful day!

HEADSCARFThanks for reading!


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