Closet Update: Long Grey Cardigan + Skater/Trainers

LONGCARDIFunny how things evolve and you think change but they don’t really. I haven’t looked at a long cardi much less owned one since the 90’s and that was by accident since they only made them in grungy, worn out or batwing style (the latter a sad left over from the 80’s with the shoulder pads removed). Here’s how two of my favourite bloggers, Sharron at Style At Every Age and Sue of Susie So So showed the way. LONGCARDI2So imagine my delight when I scored a hole in one with this by Mango – it’s dark grey, as I wished for, slim in the body and sleeves AND with pockets I can actually reach! LONGCARDI7It’s cosy for now yet light enough for Spring to come. It works with dressed up Gap Straight leg indigo jeans and studded pointy flats, and the new skater/trainers and dressy medium Chanel. Of course as the temperature drops I can layer on the scarves.LONGCARDI4It took me a while to notice that I feel best when I’m mixing not just high and low end items but that they have the element of dressy with sporty or tailored with casual. This way I feel balanced and ready for anything which is my general modus operandi. LONGCARDI3The shoes are by Michael Kors and fit me very well. They’re made in China but seem pretty good quality at a great discount via the Outnet. I have a pair of black suede heeled booties also by MK and the fit is good too so I was confident enough to try these skater/trainers out. You see, I’m not a trainer wear, never have been but the skater type style I do love! They are similar to a slipper/loafer but are sporty enough to dress down my tailored and more formal pieces so I get more wear out of them. Plus they are a very comfortable run around style. I’m hoping to find a white leather version too.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Closet Update: Long Grey Cardigan + Skater/Trainers

  1. Pret a Porter P

    those gap jeans suit you perfectly. The sneakers suit you well too. In my experience MK’s leather goods (despite being quite ubiquitous in “suburbia” for where I live) are pretty well made. I think I saw a faux python version of these recently, but MK can overkill it on the logo which is turn off for me.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I know what you mean about logos and I had to think about the logo on these ones but it’s quite small and not so obvious. I never even thought about Gap for jeans when I was younger, it was always Levis (which are now too small and waiting for my Tween to fill them!).

  2. Sue

    I think that Mango cardigan is just perfect for you. A little smarter than mine but you are a smarter, more chic dresser in general than me. And it’s funny how if we see enough of the things we didn’t like at first, we eventually come round to them … and it’s all about finding the right pair and style for yourself. Yours suit you perfectly. Thank you for the kind mention.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much and you’re welcome, my pleasure! Yes, it’s the case of the right fit and proportion for my frame. I’m just glad I didn’t have to scour different brands. And I definitely wouldn’t say that about my look, but thank you all the same and I totally admire your style!

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