Travel: Last Morning//Airport//Summary – Day 5

CHOCS2The very disappointing buffet breakfast on our last morning added to the regret of the last morning. With the entire morning free we visited the Mall again for some souvenirs and presents.PASTRIESIt was much quieter and was a really nice chance to enjoy a relaxing stroll and a last look at the pretty pastries! The colours worry me slightly though.IVORYSILKMy morning outfit of Theory ivory silk shirt, black Gap 1969 bf jeans, Gucci belt and Via Spiga flats.IVORYSILK2This is such a comfy outfit yet smart enough for anywhere even though I’m wearing jeans. I like that it’s an outfit with more impact and virtually no effort required. For the first time the idea of a uniform seems appealing 🙂IVORYSILK4The shawl changes everything!IVORYSILK3I feel so liberated wearing a shawl because it’s unrestricting while giving me an extra layer of warmth and comfort.IVORYSILK5And so it was time to check out.LOUNGE4The hotel’s lounge was actually rather nice and I never got to use it before.LOUNGE2The hotel has its own little bus shuttle service to the airport a few minutes away.LOUNGEClean and cosy.LOUNGE3LOUNGE5FLORALThe same theme of organic with beaten metal.WAITINGLOUNGE6The opposite side looked positively Oriental.FLORAL2Ikebana style flower arrangement.FLORALCLOSEOrganic with smooth metal.TRAVEL5I changed into a grey viscose tee for the flight home.TRAVEL5BMy flight was delayed by almost 3 hours so there was time to mooch around the shops.HWINDOWHermès windows.HWINDOWCLOSEI went in to have a wander and chat.HWINDOW2Finally, airborne!AIRYou see the Jet d’Eau in the middle left. Unfortunately I was on the wrong side for views of the mountain peaks.CLOUDSBut it was the first time I’d seen a sunset in the air.CLOUDS2CLOUDS3CLOUDS4CLOUDS5CLOUDS6CLOUDS7My French had just come back to me and I felt more comfortable conversing without hurting my brain just when it was time to leave.


You may be surprised to learn that this was my very first success in terms of choosing the right clothes, edited enough to fit in a cabin bag (absolutely an achievement for a chronic overpacker), yet with enough variety to avoid falling victim to my low boredom threshold. I wore everything at least once and felt great in everything, not only following through the kind of looks I wear at home but making better versions of them. And everything was comfortable – I didn’t need to think about them – I dislike any kind of fidgeting adjustments whether to my outfit or my face/hair once I’m dressed.

I give credit where it’s due and that is to the following invaluable guides to packing and travel here and here. Thank you ladies!

The trick was to keep it ultra simple but each piece had to be special enough all the same besides the usual practical requirements.  The other trick was to be organised and I now know there’s simply no substitute to trying out your outfits complete with accessories before packing. Unless you travel very frequently of course. And lastly, to make sure things feel right. In the past I’ve relied too much on a formula ignoring that some things just don’t make me feel wonderful. This is the big thing I learnt during this trip.

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Travel: Last Morning//Airport//Summary – Day 5

  1. Pret a Porter P

    The shawl is a beautiful add on to the blouse and tee. I think we do take our tried & true pieces when traveling, who wants to deal with falling bra straps or uncomfortable shoes when traveling?

    -ps. the travel links aren’t working for me.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you and all credit to your tutorial and guides on packing a cabin bag dear! It’s true once you choose the right pieces, it all works so much easier and better together. xx

  2. Quyen

    I love the choice of your outfits, simple but very elegant. Your Kelly is a dream. It gives you an intemporel chic.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! Finally, I feel like it’s all coming together. The breakfast buffet was in the hotel and was like a greasy Joe type of place completely different to the rest of the hotel. We should have stuck to the Express Breakfast in the bar/lounge.

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