Check and Patchwork

K28BBKelly BB on a little train ride to meet friends for the day. CHECKMy outfit of favourite check Gap Boys’ cotton shirt, Zara navy pants, Gucci belt and Via Spiga flats. I walked around all day for miles in London and was every bit as comfortable at the end as at the start bar aching legs.CHECK3Layered with a vintage Escada cashmere cardigan. The K 28 size is perfect for City use I find. At one point we found ourselves in a restaurant that was so packed, there was barely room to sit let alone park bags.CHECK2We had to go into Hermès didn’t we? They had a great selection of scarves and shawls and then this was pulled out from the drawer ….. PATCHWORK2 ‘Patchwork Horse’ CSGM shawl. The colours are delicate without being washed out and I’ve always loved patchwork. The scale of the patterns work for my frame too. It was all I could do to drag myself away.*Sigh!*PATCHWORKOoops – was reminded photos of items worn are never allowed due to security. I paraphrase of course.

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