Closet Update: Trousers + Pink Jumpers

TRS4AW14The silver lining of the the culottes trend is that I have the chance of finding some trousers that won’t require several inches cut off. At worst they’ll be ankle length! Whatever the style, fit is all important. I’m very happy with how my Zara trousers have lasted over the last 2 years so now that I’m adding new styles, I wanted to try this selection.TRSAW14COLLAGEI couldn’t find the style in the centre but hope I’ll be lucky with the other 2. My requirements are that they are washable, flatter my legs and wear well with my existing jumpers, tops, shirts and blouses. As I mentioned before I’m wearing trousers more these days and after the recent cull, know better the type of styles and colours I need. I’m loving the wide leg and the versatile slim/straight leg. In this selection, I think Zara has got the styling absolutely spot on for me.PINKJUMPERCOLLAGEAnd the elusive pink jumper. I couldn’t find any in pink cashmere so opted for more everyday and any season versions above. You’ll see the keepers very soon!

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10 thoughts on “Closet Update: Trousers + Pink Jumpers

  1. Pret A Porter P

    Lucky for you. I’m waiting for the cropped/ankle pant thing to not be so predominant, because it makes it hard for me to find pants, and zara was my go-to for pants too. Zara is just too good right now, that I had to delete my bookmarks since I was marking 7538758959 things.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Lol! I know you’re right their lookbook is amazing this season, the best so far imho … but don’t worry it won’t last for me – that’s why I have to make the most of it. I really hate to alter things and take much too long about it. The Zara trousers I had from over 2 years ago were in the Summer sale so it was by chance I found them so this time I wanted to plan it.

  2. Gam kau

    I’m also embracing trousers. For the first time in my life I recently wore trousers to a formal event. I can wear most styles of trousers, but culottes are the most challenging for me, hope you find a pair that work!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      That’s sounds wonderful! When I lived in London I wore these floppy black crepe wide leg pants with a black tee all the time for the evenings. I still have them but would need 2 to fit me now lol! They are too good to throw out but I have been looking for a similar pair in navy or black for years. That’s the other reason why I’m excited about the culotte length, that they’d be short enough and wide enough at the ankle for my height. But the fabric on the brown ones above is too stiff sadly. I cannot wear the culotte length that is the trend.

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