Cashmere Layers

THALAJEANS Linking to Patti’s blog Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday #142

It’s cold and time to layer up! H Thalassa cashmere/silk mix shawl also here, H&M Men camel jumper, Mango cashmere cardi, Gap 1969 bf jeans, vintage M&S belt and vintage Kelly. I long dismissed the shawl for 2 reasons: I thought the size would overwhelm my frame and what is the point of having a cashmere mix with silk? Needless to say I was terribly wrong on both counts.THALAJEANS2The silk mix makes the cashmere drape better and yet feel every bit as luxe as pure cashmere. The beautiful weight and drape solve the issue of size for my frame. It’s simply not bulky to cause a problem. I chose this pattern and colourway because I knew I needed the blue and camel to work with my jeans and neutral base colours. Although I’m not a red person, small doses definitely work! If I only change the jeans to some tailored pants, I can be anywhere from office to airport. I’ve become obssessed much more interested in the tactile quality of things I wear eversince I got a pure cashmere midi skirt by Ralph Lauren earlier this Spring. It just feels so wonderful and I can’t wait to wear it!THALAJEANS4Side view of the cardi. I sized up to make sure I could layer it over a slim jumper yet didn’t look too loose either. It’s a great weight of cashmere and washed on the cold cycle perfectly well. My Kelly is 46 years old and it’s normal for the leather to dimple like this where the open pockets are divided into 2 stitched down the inside centre. It doesn’t really show if you don’t have anything bulky in those pockets. I like wearing it with blues and greys best.THALAJEANS3And with khaki is good too. I struggle with wearing anything brown and accessories seem to be my best option.AUTUMNGRASSMy garden is the most glorious mix of colours right now. Autumn is growing on me. FUCHSIAAUTUMNGRASS2Can someone get the rake out already? Pfff guess that would be me then …. I may be a while ….

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18 thoughts on “Cashmere Layers

  1. trinagrandinetti

    Oh my, that scarf just took my breath away. So glad you realized how wrong you were and how absolutely beautiful this item really is. I know it would become a added staple to my wardrobe.

  2. happyface313

    🙂 I think your scarf is a real beauty, but I love your entire style – how easily you combine thinner layers of cashmere with blue jeans and the super lovely vintage Kelly. I thought mine was old, hahaha… 😉
    Have a wonderful and very HAPPY week! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! 🙂 I was useless at layering and had to practise it the last few seasons. I wanted to find a K that was the same age as me but what is a year between friends? Have a great week! 🙂

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