Chunky Cardigan and Loafers

LOAFERSSometimes if you wait long enough the right thing will appear and I’ve just had it happen 3 times in as many weeks … NAVYANDLOAFERS2All in navy at the weekend which I love and easier to wear than black for me: old Gap Real Straight Indigo jeans, Zara Girls’ chunky waffle knit cardi and My Suelly neutral pointy toe loafers. First the chunky cardi was hard because it couldn’t be too bulky nor too long for my frame and preferably a classic style. I’ve a fondness for the knitwear at Zara Kids and spied this one that I had to have (size 13-14 yrs for reference). The cut away front is a clever detail because it avoids excessive bulk around the middle. Layered over the pink jumper, I was toasty and comfy, it’s perfect! Also come Spring it will pair nicely with shirts/blouses and tees. NAVYANDLOAFERS5Then the loafers that had to be a neutral colour and have a point toe. These aren’t so pink irl, just a soft blush tone and the perfect fit. The blush tint is important to me because I wear white and other light colours a lot and matching white footwear doesn’t work all the time. With so much neutral I can add a very, very bright Hermès cashmere/silk shawl in the Grand Tenue pattern which I thought would be reserved for Spring.

TBC with the third item ….

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Chunky Cardigan and Loafers

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Yes – that’s it 60’s style! It also has a homemade look which is even better. We were lucky on the odd day with the weather being milder than it looked but no more of those to come sadly. xx

  1. Blighty

    Nice outfit, very elegant shoes. And now I know who buys Zara Girls 13-14 apart from me! Is it you beating me to the lovely grown up pieces that always sell out online? xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Lol! Must be more of us about …. I’ve been very restraint this season. Thank you! Do you buy from the Boy’s knitwear too? I have their plain jumpers. I know my Tween girl will be ‘sharing’ with me she loves her cosy knits! xx

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