More Layers

K32STRAPCANVAS3This is my cosy run around uniform so far: Mango cotton jumper (unseen) layered under the grey version of the Zara Girls’ chunky waffle knit cardi, Gap Men parka, Gap 1969 Real Straight jeans, Toggi Chelsea boots, vintage Kelly and Old England cashmere scarf. K32STRAPCANVASThe strap is too short to go cross body over the layers. This is the first time I used a strap on the 32 size and it’s great! The canvas version is more casual than the all leather – not an exact colour match but it’s close enough. I borrowed it from an Evelyne bag.K32STRAPCANVAS2I was too warm in fact though that might have been due to the thermal vest which isn’t needed with this chunky cardi as it’s so warm. This is the maximum number of layers I can wear as it doesn’t take much to bulk me out!

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