Mannish Classics and Colours

MANNISH14CLOSE Linking to Patti’s blog Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday

I really like mannish elements balanced with a little femininity. This is a variation of my Winter outfit here, here and for Spring here.MANNISH14 This year I wanted to add colours and pattern to the mix. I would never have thought I’d be wearing purple, green, turquoise, red and purple together with a purple jumper bought years ago. Zara Girl bomber jacket and lilac cotton jumer, Hermès Grande Tenue shawl, Kelly and belt, Opening Ceremony brogues and new Zara black pants from here.MANNISH142 I’m not terribly happy with how the pants fit partly because of the waistline misbehaving and wondering if it will be best to keep for Spring to wear with lighter tops and footwear? They just look like workwear pants – you know the functional uniform type, nothing to do with anything vaguely flattering.MANNISHCAMELCOAT3My vintage Jaeger camel coat makes things better but I always have to be careful not to overdose on the classics – they age me by at least a decade in an instant.MANNISHCAMELCOATThanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Mannish Classics and Colours

  1. lady sarah in london

    he whole ensemble looks really good. I can’t see the problem you mention with the trousers. The coat looks amazing too, though maybe could be a tinsy bit shorter? Hard to say from just one photo. This kelly is proving to be quite the treasure….

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! The coat is a size too big for me and original bought for when I was that size during my baby years. I since normally wear it as a faux wrapover belted so it does go a bit shorter. Vintage Ks forever!

  2. Jan Graham-McMillen

    I know what you mean about the style of trousers. Think about reshaping the leg a little? Maybe with a little heel? The black outfit with the lavender sweater is pretty spectacular on you … the tan coat plus is yummy of course, and the tan brogues pretty cute. I’m completely in love with your sleek, black brogues! I’ve resisted shoes this masculine because all I’ve seen IRL are pretty heavy and clunky, but these are wonderful! Especially the way you put them with other items that play so nice!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you dear Jan! I think the trousers will look best during Spring with pretty keels as you say – thanks for that tip! I have 2 other lavender items, a Summer dress I wear every year to death and a rediscovered (ie I forgot I had it!) cashmere sweater so it’s a precious shade for me.The black brogues are so special and delicate for a masculine shoe. I rarely go for black footwear as it is so they have to be really something.


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