PUFFAI’ve always wanted a puffa jacket but everything that can go wrong in a normal jacket for me such as too big shoulders, too long sleeves, excessive bulk are further magnified in a padded version. Until this came along. PUFFA2It’s by Zara Girl so that’s why the sleeves are the right length and is machine washable. I had to have a hood for practical reasons and the colour is a really nice sapphire blue with a subtle sheen not a flat navy. I didn’t fold the shawl very well and not enough of the tan was showing to echo my brogues (M&S Boy from last year) and the vintage Kelly. Assymetric jumper is from Mango last year. Black wool trousers by Banana Republic from a couple of years ago.PUFFA3Not the best quality in the world – note the wobbly zip – but I’m very happy with it all the same. It’s very warm, soft, easy to throw on and feels like I brought the duvet with me 🙂 I woudn’t have minded it being shorter but it’s still a very practical length for days when I need to be in and out of the car on a small project management.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Puffa

  1. Sue

    You do so well on the Zara kids front. Have you tried any of the Uniqlo down jackets for fit? The sleeves are not so bad and I find that because they have a tiny little bit of elastic at the bottom, it helps them stay in place rather than swamping. And as for lightness – it does take some beating. They are fab for those days when you don’t want anything cumbersome – like you say when you have an in car out car kind of day.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you Sue! I haven’t tried Uniqlo, as you may remember, I didn’t do too well with their other stuff. But as soon as my Tween steals this one from me – she’s actually outgrown the kids size now and onto a women’s 8 – I will have to check out the Uniqlo downs – yours looks fab!


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