Classics Overdose

CHUNKYANDCC The subtitle is ‘Wherein I Turn Into My Mother’.

I’ve had my Boy suffering from flu which he kindly passed to me – still got it! All in the middle of Christmas preparations and a small project management that turned major.CHUNKYANDCC3See? Not even the pointy toe flats can save any of it! CHUNKYANDCC4I should have tried the bomber jacket, the fluffy black cardi or even the grey leather kimono sleeve jacket (yes I do have one and it’s ages old here).

Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Classics Overdose

  1. Sue

    Aww that’s rotten. If it makes you feel any better – I turn in to my mother the instant I shut the door on the outside world because turning in to your mother is the most comfortable thing in the world.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Oh Sue that’s a lovely way to put it and thank you so much for sharing – yes it does make me feel better! It’s just that’s exactly her uniform everyday. And you know how I feel about uniforms 🙂 I’m just thankful that maybe the worst is over now.

  2. Blighty

    Well I think you look very chic, and amazing even though suffering from flu! Hope you are better soon. You would not believe the way I dress at home, it’s shameful, I have lots of lovely clothes but end up in a zippy fleece top and apron – ugh!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I didn’t suffer last year but succumbed this time. I think we’re all guilty of not wearing our lovely things as often as we should. I would love to invest in some nice loungewear that does not include any leggings, jeggings, tracky bottoms or similar. Hope you’re not suffering any severe weather wherever you are!

  3. Pret A Porter P

    I think you look great but I get what you mean. If it makes you feel any better, your bag is atleast a twist to the 2.55, first by by having the reissue closure and the grid vs. quilting.

    Feel better soon!
    -ps. love to see you post more about Baccarat, love finding new collectors!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I am trying to write about the Chanel reassessment I’m going through and this version is a delight! It’s still quilted but the seams are on the outside. My first love is the reissue.
      I am trying not to think too much about Baccarat on purpose! That one piece is just so lovely I really can’t wait to give it to my first born when she turns 13. It’s going to be a case of adding slowly the pieces that are stand out for me from now on. The rings that you have are so striking yet ultra elegant for example.

      1. Pret A Porter P

        Baccarat’s designs have changed so much…they look so generic now. Even more hurtful that they are re-producing things under the older names to these watered down designs. And gone are the all crystal rings…I can understand that it is probably less time consuming & makes the rings more durable. But what makes crystal so beautiful & luxurious is the painstaking craftsmanship that can take hrs/days that can be shattered in seconds. It happened to my most beloved Tango ring that started it all for me that had the virtually seamless red/black transition…I’ve since bought the new one, all crystal but the “seam” is blatant. I couldn’t part w/ the original so I had the shattered head reset is silver, but I vaguely wonder if down the road I can “blacken” the silver part. Sorry to hog the comment box, the love affair w/ old Baccarat runs deep.

        Love to read about Chanel assessment.

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        Please don’t apologise, I’m very grateful that you share your thoughts on this topic you’re so passionate about. It’s wonderful and I fully welcome it! Thank you for your insight into the rings since I am stalking a couple in single colours (and a bangle) in the resale market and they look all crystal.
        Sadly watering down everything from the design to the execution seems to be the way nowadays. Fortunately I’m happy to acquire the more original versions in the resale market. I’m sure you can explore the option to customise your reset ring. It sounds very exciting – how you must have loved it before!

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