Closet Update: New Length

NEWLENGTHThis is it, the new skirt for this season that I bought since early Summer and couldn’t wait to wear. It’s by Ralph Lauren in pure cashmere. The colour is black but the grey stripes lighten it up. NEWLENGTH2It’s soft and warm and light enough to yes, swish around – wish I’d done a twirl for you 🙂 I wanted to wear it to a family dinner at a restaurant and had a little play with it. Originally wanted to wear it with a navy or black silk shirt plus the fluffy cardigan but my sickly self didn’t allow for that and instead had to layer up more. NEWLENGTH3 The navy asymmetric jumper, Chanel bag, Hermès shawl and Michael Kors suede stiletto booties which are oh so comfortable!NEWLENGTH4The length is nice and cosy and looks dressy enough with heels. The silhouette is the familiar A line that I wear often. I shied away from this length before because it can look too classic and dowdy on someone my age so it’s important to choose the accessories with care.NEWLENGTH5So the compromise was a poloneck by Gap girl and the H&M fluffy cardi like so. I feel grown up and polished but casual enough at the same time. I would love another skirt like this …..

NEWLENGTH6Very snug with the shawl. My mother really likes it too so if you never see it again on me, you know what’s happened. The restaurant was generous with their heating and I had to take off the cardi so I should have worn the silk shirt anyway and kept the cardi on. Of course I’m looking forward to wearing the skirt with ankle boots, knee boots and maybe even brogues. Had to wear my beret as it was so cold and I realise it makes the whole look less polished – I don’t carry off boho or gypsy style sadly!NEWLENGTH7

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14 thoughts on “Closet Update: New Length

  1. Blighty

    That is such a chic skirt, very elegant and it drapes wonderfully and those boots really look great with it, shows off you tiny little ankles beautifully . Thanks for showing us.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much – you’re all so kind! I do think those boots will get a lot of wear. Erm my ankles are the only tiny things on my body these days and we’ve got xmas and New Year to come lol!

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