Closet Update: Straight Jeans and Trainers

JEANSTRAINERS3Jack Frost visited alright! It was ice cold but dry which makes a little difference in that I can bear to stand outside for photos without shivering uncontrollably. JEANSTRAINERS2Child friendly run around outfit that’s both practical, warm, comfortable and avoids anything overly stretchy on my bottom half. These jeans are the straight leg style I found at H&M Girl. The denim is thinner but that’s OK as I want to wear them most of the year round. And as you can see very long – had to turn up no less than 3 times! Shame I missed the big turn up tend. Dusty pink Aran jumper is an heirloom by now (knitted it myself at school as a mid teenager). There was a ball of wool left over and a couple of years ago, my mother knitted it into a scarf for my littlest girl.JEANSTRAINERS4Zara Girl puffa jacket, Old England pure cashmere scarf, Clarks Girl leather trainers and the ancient beret by Top Shop from circa 1992. The trainers are great because there’s actually a zip to fasten and the faux laces are elastic. The colours are perfect with the blue jeans and you know, help to elongate the legs – every little bit helps!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Closet Update: Straight Jeans and Trainers

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Oh thank you very much for taking the time to stop by and compliment! The jumper is about 30 years old now and looks practically new. I got help from my mother who agreed to knit one sleeve while I knit the other to finish it. Well, she knits perfectly wheareas I tend to knit too loosely but I made the effort to be better. Unknown to me, my mother did the opposite in order to ‘match’ with me and so we ended up with one sleeve slightly longer than the other – it’s not noticebable unless you know. Still laugh about it!

      1. cjpeterso

        My daughter inherited an Aran jumper that My mother knit for my sister 40 years or more ago. It still looks new — I think yarn was better quality then!

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