Closet Audit 2014: Chanel Revisited

CC14When you have been *ahem* collecting clothes and accessories for a long time and hung on to them over the decades like I have, it’s important to regularly reassess their relevancy – something that I totally failed to do. In the last few years I have stopped using many different brands of bags and focused on Céline, Chanel and Hermès in that order. As my accessories become all important as time goes on, I realised my Chanel bags needed a complete reappraisal.CC14BI began to feel the chain strap and CC clasp (thank you Karl!) looked and felt too much for what I wear most days, most times of the year except for a few days away on holiday perhaps. After a long while, I nailed it down to a 3 basic facts. Firstly, I’m a single flap kind of girl, secondly, on the unblingy side and thirdly, love the 2.55 Mademoiselle clasp and chain the most. The double flap style restrict not only my access to the bag but the internal capacity which is all important to me since I prefer medium to small size bags. Once we have decent light (is it Spring yet?), I will add more photos of the bags that survived the Chanel Cull 2014 …CCGROUP2Down to five from my original dozen or so years ago. The Jumbo and Medium sizes only. CCTRIO2 These are the mediums, from back, navy lambskin Classic with silvertone hardware, the single flap black lambskin with ruthenium hardware and vintage navy jersey 2.55 with goldtone hardware that I think is from the 1970’s possibly when Mlle Chanel was still alive. The strap is shorter than the more modern reissue. CCDUO2 The Jumbos in purple lambskin at the back and a dark brown washed caviar with bijoux chain, both single flaps and hold a lot. The purple lambskin is so soft and huggable – it’s vintage so it’s better at resisting small scartches than the newer lambskin. I have to put in a good word about washed caviar here, it’s got the durability of normal caviar, which I find too hard and unwielding for me personally, but has an endearing slouchiness. It’s not exactly matte either as you can see from my photo above so perhaps this is the perfect hybrid of the beauty of plain lambskin with the hardiness and weatherproof qualities of caviar?CCDUOI use the goldtone hardware less and less because it is too blingy and dressy for me. The styles that are long gone are the ones with very shiny goldtone chains and big CC logos. I don’t miss those at all. Of course there are so many different styles to choose from beyond the reissue and classic which do not suit everyone so it’s important to research not least because the less famous styles are often a fraction of the cost.

CC14CThis one is from the ‘patchwork’ range I think which I saw most often in multi tones of suede. I was tempted because it’s a nice variation to the quilting but suede does not suit my needs. When this black leather turned up, I pounced and use it regularly for day and night eversince. The dark hardware just makes it extra special to me. The leather is buttery soft and the stitching is precision perfect. The raw edges of the patchwork create a nice texture and a little buffer layer to prevent scratches to the leather surface. It’s also the perfect bag to pack for travel as it’s softly structured and will serve as a clutch.

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Closet Audit 2014: Chanel Revisited

  1. Pret A Porter P

    I’d be curious to see what you kept vs what you would got rid of. Good choice on this one. I like how even though it is patchwork theme it doesn’t have that 70s patchwork vibe since it’s all one color.

    1. Pret A Porter P

      thank you for the update. The navy jersey is divine as well. I’m going to save this page for me to reference should I ever take the chanel plunge. I would never have thought of the double vs single flap. would the single flap comfortably fit those gigantic sunglass cases (which chanel is guilty of!)? It’s the main reason I never use my small bag.

      1. lady sarah in london

        I prefer the double flap, as it’s how mademoiselle designed it. My sunglasses case does not fit in as I like my classic bags small. However even the smallest CHANEL camera bag, fits those and more, so you may want to consider that one. I love mine.

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        You’re welcome! If you mean the hardcases then they fit in the Jumber size (single or double flap at just under or 12″ across) bags and in the ‘Medium’ single (10″) only if you have little else to carry. As you can see I’ve reduced the size of my wallet to a mini card holder and not much else on a minimal daily basis. I think I would do better with a softened double flap but I have trouble getting just the card holder, lipstick, compact and keys in my navy Classic.

      3. silkpathdiary Post author

        Lady Sarah, I love your Camera bag! Would love to find one the right colour as I know I’d use it a lot too! But I’m a bit scared of the metallic leather? Anyway you’re very nimble and neat with your small and perfectly formed bags. I’ve noticed my renewed love of the small size Chanel bags in a few different styles – they’re just so very chic in that format.
        Thank you so much for your input – you have such a beautiful collection!

  2. GamKau

    Surely you should consider your girls before you over edit? I have regrets of items I gave away before my daughter was old enough to appreciate them and wish I held onto them. (Missoni jacket and Helmet Lang jeans come to mind…) 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much – an excellent point and it is something I struggle to balance as they grow older. The best compromise I can think of is to keep/choose items I know I love and use and pass them on to my girls. It’s not that I’ll be getting rid of all the bags, just a question of editing and refining for my needs in the meantime. They have a shop full of clothes already btw 🙂

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