A Little Distress


One fine, cold morning wearing my bf Gap 1969 jeans. These were among the very first batch of bf jeans I bought 2 years ago after a decade of not wearing any denim at all. They get the least amount of wear due to the distress details – I have to be certain I’m only running home errands and/or only with children. But I should wear them more because they fit so well.DISTRESSEDThis Mango navy Aran jumper is proving its worth in my knit collection. The blues in my trainers mean they go with all my blue and grey jeans without being too Wintry. My shawl is also the treasure I hoped it would be and this is yet another way of wearing it that keeps me warm and cosy. My technique is oh so basic – drape it around the shoulders (running out of the door and not in front of a mirror), pull the ends behind then back round to front and tie in a short knot. Throw on a coat and go.DISTRESSED3I thought the shawl was symmetrical until I took the coat off for these photos – prefer the asymmetry! My hobo bag is a vintage Céline which seems pretty indestructible. I’m tempted by the newer Céline and Saint Laurent bags but I know the quality of construction and leather simply aren’t there for the price.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “A Little Distress

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I used to struggle with casual looks and it’s such an achievement for me to throw something like this together. I started buying vintage Celine long before Phoebe was at the helm and this ‘hobo’/’trim’ bag was one of them and it helped me a lot in deciding on the Hermes Trim when the time came. I think Gucci also produced the same bag shape in their time.

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Yes, of course. Well, in terms of leather and finish nothing can touch vintage H. However, vintage Celine is not far behind at all. Maybe I was lucky in coming across them when I did because back then I really had no idea about leather. I have to point out that the lining in some of these bags is more like the one used in Louis Vuitton or a thin grosgrain in the small inside pockets that obviously can tear over time. The leather of this hobo is supple and yummy if covered in little scratches.

  1. Blighty

    Very nice outfit, casual and chic, love navy blue. Your scarf is fab, I have realised that I prefer the asymetrical Hermes scarves, I love the way you get different colours/patterns depending which way you fold them, more scarf for your money 😉

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I’ve everything to learn still about H scarves in all the different materials and formats but one thing I noticed is that the symmetrical prints seem too static to me. I prefer colours and pattern to have a sense of movement. And I’m so enjoying the folding and tying lessons everytime I wear them.


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