Winter Black and Orange

ALLBLACK4Black is not something I reach out for automatically at any time of year for any occasion so imagine my surprise when I ended up wearing this outfit the other day. More so after commenting on Sharron’s Style At Every Age blog on wearing All Black! At this time of year there are so many school events to attend and I wanted something casual but definitely no jeans and not too dressy –  my most frequent challenge by the way. ALLBLACK2It was cold but not bone chilling that particular day and of course a little damp but I didn’t want to carry an umbrella either! In fact I didn’t want to carry a bag at all because space in the classrooms is always an issue and if you’re trying to get to your precious little one’s table, you pretty much have to squeeze yourself through. Of course some parents think nothing of simply barging their way to exactly where they need to be using the most direct route … The old Banana Republic woolly tailored pants won with the Mango navy cable jumper, topped with an ancient Burberry wool mix hooded trench and the Michael Kors trainers – the laces are so long I’m beginning to think they’re supposed to tie up my legs!ALLBLACK3The flash of orange of an old Banana Republic acrylic scarf brightens everything up and I didn’t even mind the stark Halloween contrast. The trench has nice big pockets for my mini wallet, keys and phone – that’s all I need to carry for such events. I knew I wouldn’t have to take the trench off so this is one of the few times I wear a coat belted.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Winter Black and Orange

  1. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Definitely a yummy mummy, and you look as chic as ever … I like you in black!
    Have a very Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy every sip, every bite, every giggle, every sweet and every snuggle!

  2. Sue

    I have to laugh at the bit regarding the laces being so long you might have to lace them up your legs – you could be kicking off a whole new trend here – oh wait, Free People seem to do that with a lot of their boots and shoes and I’ve noticed they even do little footsies with ribbon lace ties so you pop them on, and then you wear a pair of ballet pumps and you look like a ballerina!

    Wishing you a merry Christmas SPD!


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