Winter Brights

KNITSI’m always trying to wear even my oldest things and this invariably means updating them in some way. Usually it’s possible and that’s the beauty of classics. I’m also trying to wear more colours and I’m so happy this rather bright cashmere shawl is being used now because I thought it would be more of a Spring item. KNITS2Hermès Grande Tenue shawl, Mango cashmere cardi, Jaeger jersey (tulip skirt) dress, vintage Céline belt, Sergio Rossi stretch leather boots. A tip I got from a Tai Chi Master years ago was to always keep the neck and upper back warm. I’d long forgotten about this until I began wearing my shawls. I never started learning Tai Chi then because my kids were all toddlers and regretted it eversince.KNITS3Vintage Céline bag holds everything I need. It was another run around day including a couple of official appointments and more errands. KNITSCOATThis old navy wool coat by Tommy Hilfiger has really earned its keep in my coats collection. KNITSCOAT2It’s smart enough to pass anything vaguely busines related and easy enough to wear in and out of the car, walking and errand running. I really don’t know what I’d do without it! KNITSCOAT3Sometimes black coats is just too anonymous and I feel like there has to be something outstanding about it to avoid looking mundane on me. Maybe that’s why I only have 2! I’ve vintage coats from possibly as early as the 50’s and still find them special enough to keep and wear – no accident that they are all camel coloured.

Will post Christmas outfits next – if they work! 🙂 In the meantime wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Winter Brights

  1. Blighty

    That is a very elegant outfit, the coat makes it. Love the way you have belted your cardigan too. Happy Christmas Elegant Lady! My contribution to looking chic this Christmas is to bath the dog and wipe my glasses 😜

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