New Year Thanks and Goodwill to All


The years fly by faster the older one gets which means there’s less time to organise everything – that’s my story anyway and I have to stick to it! There’s no more powerful reminder of time marching on than watching my children grow up. I will have three teens soon enough and the thought scares me witless! Can’t lie about that. Of course there are many, many things that scare me as a mother which in turn makes me all the more grateful for their relative safety because of the terrible suffering of others we see and read about everyday all over the world. For me personally, war and acts of terrorism reawaken a fear that only those who have also been touched by war can feel. I don’t think this fear will ever disappear until our world becomes entirely peaceful – like an Utopia.

I read ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley at a young age and it was one element responsible for igniting my fascination with science fiction. Virtually everything this writer of the 1930’s predicted has come true, eg test tube babies, a free for all morality and mentality, a non white leader – kind of unbelieveable when you think about it but it’s all there in the book. The story does not have a happy ending so even when you think there is a so called perfect society to aim for, it may not result in a happy and peaceful world but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying! And at the same time give thanks and count the many blessings we do have. Take nothing for granted and everyday show our love and appreciation for those most dear to us and those less fortunate. I also extend my profuse thanks and appreciation to you readers – I’m truly amazed by your kindness and support! x

So, low key with family is how our New Year celebrations usually go. This year we decided to walk a few miles to and from dinner at the Grandparents with Aunts, Uncles, Nephews, Cousins, Second Cousins etc.NYD15I wore the Mango ivory dress also here with a black wool cardigan by Escada, dotty tights, Sergio Rossi boots, vintage Chanel necklace, Christian Lacroix cuff here and the Hermès Grande Tenue shawl. I decided not to wear the glass beads afterall since the clasp is a bit temperamental and didn’t want to risk the necklace slipping off during the walk. The wool cardigan by Escada is very old and has lovely smocking details on the wrists and scallops on the front edges. It’s part of a twin set and I’m going to try wearing these pieces more separately and together.NYD15CThe waffle texture of this dress is really interesting and means it’s thick enough to wear in the middle of Winter with appropriate layering. I first tried my thermal vest but the dress did not hang too well so I slipped on the little teddy camisole (top photo) which worked perfectly. My cuff elicited a ‘Is it real gold?’ from my SIL … Goodwill to All, Goodwill to All! 🙂

Wishing you Health, Peace and Prosperity!

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “New Year Thanks and Goodwill to All

  1. Blighty

    Happy New Year. The white dress, the whole outfit is so elegant, I would never have thought of a white dress worn this way, it looks sublime. I think the contrast between the white of the dress and your dark hair and the black boots works wonderfully. I am looking forward to following your sartorial adventures in 2015 xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much Blighty! I had a blitz at Mango last Spring and this was one of dresses I ended up with. I knew then it had potential for wear in colder months. It has a really great shape and I’m so glad I managed to wear it in different ways. My Closet Resolutions for Spring post is coming up tomorrow 🙂

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