Raspberry Cashmere

RASPBERRYCASHMEREEasing into 2015 with warm and cosy materials … I have cashmere items from a long time ago but this season I’ve fallen most in love with them. So much so that a few more key pieces have joined the knitwear collection triggering a mini edit. RASPBERRYCASHMERE2Side view, post buffet breakfast …. Poloneck cashmere jumper by Eric Bompard, Theory grey wool trousers, vintage Céline bronze tote and Belle Sigerson Morrison suede wedge lace ups.

The cashmere is 6 thread and combined with the poloneck feature makes for a lovely warm jumper suitable for freezing temperatures plus coat or alone when warmer. I like to wear a silk camisole underneath for warmth and as a buffer for natural perspiration to help preserve the cashmere and personal comfort. I wash the cashmere and other jumpers in a cold wool machine cycle and allow to dry naturally (I very rarely tumble dry anything). Over the holidays, I went to the cinema at very short notice and threw the jumper over black jeans (almost 3 hours of sitting down – it was Ridley Scott’s Exodus) for a fuss free, cosy time.

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9 thoughts on “Raspberry Cashmere

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! But did you faint in a good or bad way? I found this bag last Spring and I’ve no idea what it’s called or how old it is (as is the way with most of my Celines) and the dimensions are a little different to the Plume Elan. This bag is a fraction longer and the straps are a little shorter and fatter. It has helped me to decide once and for all that the Plume (both the 28 and the 20 sizes) would work for me except the outside pockets are SO USEFUL, not sure if I could live without them.

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