Closet Resolutions: 2015

I’m finding it easier to make these yearly resolutions (previous here) as I get better acquainted with my wardrobe and a whole year of outfits to remind me of what works and what doesn’t and never will. I have a classic closet, no, what I really mean is my closet is full of classic pieces that need to be tweaked and updated from time to time not least because I have a low boredom threshold – but no mid life crisis looming – that I’m aware of – to make me replace everything I’ve collected over the last 3 decades. Yeah, that’s 30 years of wardrobe building and a lot of mistakes along the way. A lot! Here are my previous posts about SS 2015:

Closet Audit: Updates and Spring 2015

Closet Update: A Little Forward Planning

0367810802_1_1_11. Updates – I can’t follow trends but have learnt to identify literally one or 2 things a season or a year that will give my classic pieces a fresh look. Also very much part of the updating process is continuing to mix and match, pulling out old pieces and combining them with different or newer accessories as much as possible – something I’ve really enjoyed doing this past year. This year, the update will be Lingerie which I kind of halfheartedly began towards the end of last year but desperately need to do it as a mini major project (never let yourself get to this state …!). Instead do as the wonderful Lady Sarah does here.

I still crave fur and nothing has worked so far and this one may make me look like a pug but still going to try it! I actually really love this look by Zara who outdid themselves this season in my book with their styling. This reminds me of the 30’s gangsters: fur, sharp suit, spats.2175231710_1_1_12. Shopping List – A couple of years ago I changed my shopping habit to make shopping lists, not wishlists, about 2 or 3 times a year after going through my wardrobe to see any gaps or identify something that would update it. I’m pleased at how I’ve been able to mostly stick to these lists of usually only a handful of items. Each time, the shopping list gets shorter and shorter which is exactly how it should be so I’ll continue.403421_e1_xl 3. Investments – from the shopping list(s), I can see exactly where to invest which is mostly in accessories ie bags and shoes (slowed right down as my ‘collections’ complete except for minor adjustments). I use the sales to buy a more trendy item to update but which will also last such as a sequin bolero or luxe items such as cashmere. I tend to buy basics such as trousers full price but only if they were on the Shopping List in the first place. I think I’ve finally rid myself of the dreaded sales fever – just because it’s on sale – however huge the discount – doesn’t mean you suddenly need or would wear it.2668190050_1_1_1 This is exactly how I should wear my shiny, sparkly stuff. Thank you Zara (above) and H&M (below – I know – can you believe it?).HM4. Inspiration – sometimes we get lost among the staggering amount of choice and bombardment of media – I certainly do. So now I’m going to try to go back to the original where possible and reappraise what it is that I love and if it’s still relevant to me.4214222914_e695c47c57_oI didn’t remember seeing this particular photo before when I stumbled on it recently. It blew me away because of how totally up to date Mlle Chanel looks. Also because I had been stalking the most luscious cashmere skirt just like hers to wear with my jumpers and bold jewels, just like hers. Well, similar to hers (the originals would be pretty much priceless today). I adore the way she wears a massive collar and a chunky necklace on top plus the metal belt AND both cuffs together. Bring it on 2015!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Closet Resolutions: 2015

  1. rukshanaafia

    Impressive – I’m nothing like as virtuous & organised – partly because I too get bored easily !
    Wasn’t Coco Chanel’s personal style wonderful ? I recall a picture of her from 1930 in a striped top and wide linen trousers and thinking how it would have worked in every decade since .

  2. Pret A Porter P

    I’m not the only one that noticed how amazing Zara’s styling was this season (and usu. is to be honest). Loved their fur styling, reminded me a lot of the way Ashley O wears fur. I was tempted, but I already am overdressed at times enough that fur in the tropics would just be absurd. I also like the sequins mixed with basic low key pieces.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Yes, I noticed the Olsens not least because they are petite as well and must say their aesthetic has grown on me. I even love one of their handbags. I really want and need more textures and colours (not new ones just the small spectrum I love and work for me) so bear that in mind when replacing or adding.


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