Closet Update: New Pants

LONGCOATLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #147

Subtitles: Camel and Cashmere or Whip My Hair 🙂LONGCOAT4My long coat was vintage when I found it in a charity shop oh, it must be at least 15 years ago. Not only is it camel colour it’s made of camel hair and really warm – so warm that I last used it most in the Winter of 2010 when we had many feet of snow and I didn’t have a car. This Winter is turning to be almost as cold even without all the snow so out it comes again. [I’ve similar coats by Max Mara that I’ve given to my mother and a shorter style by Jaeger that I’m keeping.]LONGCOAT3The cashmere jumper is by Eric Bompard again and the softest in my collection. It’s the first time I wore it and my kids kept hugging me all day! Bonus! The colour is the most flattering and delicate ecru with the palest hint of blush pink. Hermès 90cm scarf is ‘La Vie En Fleuve’ added to the collection some months ago. Green suede wedge booties by Belle Sigerson Morrison and bag by Céline with an Evelyne canvas shoulder strap.PANTSThe Zara trousers were bought among a small stash a couple of months ago here. The material is synthetic but feels very soft and is washable. I adore wide leg trousers and wanted a non black colour that works for both Winter and Spring. I’ve mentioned before how impressed I am with the styling of Zara’s last collection and these were worn very long on the model so imagine how much material I had to cut off!PANTS3A more casual version of the outfit with the Zara Girl puffa coat, Old England cashmere scarf, vintage Top Shop beret and M&S Boy’s brogues. I plan to wear the trousers with sneakers, flats and even sandals during Spring.PANTS4Thanks for reading!


16 thoughts on “Closet Update: New Pants

  1. Blighty

    Another great post! I adore your camel coat, cannot believe you found it in a charity shop, what a great find! You have inspired me to hunt down a similar coat, I do feel I need a proper coat. The whole outfit in the second pic – the coat, the scarf, the cashmere jumper – just lovely! As a Hermes scarf admirer I must admit I have always passed by La Vie en Fleuve when I have come across that design for sale on eBay as shown flat it did not speak to me, but now I have seen yours in such wonderful colours and being worn – well, I shall have to investigate this design further!! (hope my hubs not reading this).

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much – so kind! I’m a coat nut and my best charity shop finds are without a doubt my coats. I used to pick them up fairly regularly in the 80’s and early 90’s, after that everybody got on the vintage bandwagon. It’s a very classic outfit and I’d like to try wearing a leather jacket next time.
      I fell in love with the colours of the scarf first and the pattern is extremely detailed and fantastic to look at – I’m so glad you want to explore it further! It’s part of the mystery of H scarves, trying to work out how they will wear folded and how the colours will ebb and flow accordingly.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks very much! I am so enjoying the lush textures in my wardrobe 🙂 I could not believe the coat was left hanging there and hadn’t been snapped up already. The cut is so good.


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