Shopping List: Spring/Summer 2015

My favourite part of Winter, thinking and planning the Spring wardrobe! Oh yes, I’m over Winter, it’s sorted with mostly cashmere cosiness (more on that soon) and uncharacteristic restraint over the festive period. But first, the main points for 2014:

  1. Mix and match my existing wardrobe items as much as possible.
  2. Updating certain areas such as dresses and footwear.

I had a much more enjoyable time with 1. than I thought – to tell the truth, I was dreading the whole idea because it never came easily. Since I threw out enough stuff to start my own landfill (shame on me) here, I could actually see the deepest recesses of my wardrobe and bring out my oldest things to wear again.

My weekly fur item to try…Huskey this time 🙂 Alas no good either!


I’ve a terrible weakness for exotics. My snakeskin Jimmy Choos get a lot of wear so wanted a flat style. These are by Gianvito Rossi and were big on me, had to go down a whole size.

Updating was also fun and the main thing with the dresses is a change of silhouette – more trapeze and much less anything that relies on fitting at the waist. In fact, I’ve only kept only a few fit/flare dresses and the update spilled over to my skirts too. Since I found this skirt last Spring, it was a case of re-embracing a shape and length I used to love to wear but now going forward some 20 years later as a grown up.

The first part of the year was all about wearable, stylish flats and the second about wearable heels mostly in the form of ankle boots. Before seeing the  Michael Kors mid heel ankle boots, I could not imagine buying heels again. They are the perfect answer to transition from easy run around to more polished run around (such is my life).

44701681LD_15_aFor this year I want to wear more of the flared silhouette for skirts/dresses and continue with the slim line or slouchy with my trousers and jeans.  I’ll be teaming with cashmeres, pointy toes and white leather trainers below.SHOESCOLLAGESILHOUETTECOLLAGEAdding a bit of everyday luxe with leather, cashmere knits and silk shirts to jeans and trousers.

Shirts – I’m ahead of myself with a few shirts ready to go.SHIRTSCOLLAGE SHIRTSCOLLAGE2I didn’t get the white linen shirt here and will have to buy it once it comes back in for the season.

Jewels – I’m planning to invest in a big, bold piece of costume jewel and hope I know it when I see it.

Lingerie – a complete overhaul required from smalls to sleepwear.

That’s it, which leaves room for perhaps another scarf or a ‘wildcard’ item. Maybe hard to believe such a short list but I’ve got to the stage where if I see something I’m drawn to, I soon realise there’s something very similar already in my wardrobe. This goes for bags too and getting to the same stage with shoes so maybe this year will be a major turning point for me 🙂

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Shopping List: Spring/Summer 2015

  1. Blighty

    You are very methodical and organised, also very self-disciplined. Which I am not. In the past though when I have culled stuff, I have later regretted some of the things I let go. So I have new rule – hold onto the quality stuff, dump the High Street fast fashion items…think I did it the other way round before!!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! But not my natural bent 🙂 I have to force myself to go through and to check everything regularly. The stuff I dumped had every chance – hung on to most of them for over a decade so really it was time to go. Some of my finds have been high street so I can’t even have that rule.

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