Berry Shades and Camel hair

K32CAMEL2Freezing and windy combined is a weather condition I find particularly hard to deal with. Freezing and dry with a bit of sun thrown in, I can happily oblige as you can see. I didn’t even need my trusty beret but from chin downwards I’m cosy covered.K32CAMELAnd here is Madame Kelly 32 Rouge H here with the Evelyne canvas strap that eerily matches. I still haven’t completed her treatment but wanted to give her some air 🙂 She’s actually quite plummy in tone and I still have no idea if it was just a quirk of the Rouge H dye that year or what – would love to find out. The box leather has responded so well and I really can’t wait to finish and make it weatherproof.K32CAMEL3So a variation on recent outfits: Eric Bompard raspberry cashmere poloneck, vintage Max Mara wool skirt (shortened) here and here, Old England cashmere scarf, Lanvin suede knee boots and vintage long camel hair coat. I think I must be the original beige lover only now I’ve learnt to wear it with colours I love like raspberry, bordeaux, plum and purples. But what is the point of having such a long coat when it’s not in motion? I do move. K32CAMEL4Not bad. K32CAMEL5That’s better! I lost count how many times I had to stride up and down like an idiot in front of the camera 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Berry Shades and Camel hair

  1. GamKau

    You look so warm and toasty in that beautiful coat! The raspberry colour looks wonderful on you, what a cheerful colour to brighten up dark winter days.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I really was, thank you! It’s a great walking coat for the town. The darkness gets to me and I’m using my new found colour confidence to counteract that – does that sound like a cheesy advert?

  2. Blighty

    You are so great at regularl posting, love it! That coat is lovely, and the photo of it swishing is perfect. I need to check my new coat for swish. I don’t think it’s quite long enough for swishy swirling but at least the dog won’t be able to grab it, well at least I hope not. I might give him Hairy Maclary the gilet to play with, I could even put it on a lead and take it for walks with him,

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