Winter Monochrome

BLACKANDWHITEExploring the white dress/black boots combination first here for a family dinner outing. The vintage croco is the Hermès Vasco bag from the 70’s also here and here.BLACKANDWHITE5These are black knee boots by Sergio Rossi from a couple of years ago already. They are quite a statement for me. It was their ultra simple shape and slim wearable heels that sealed the deal. They came in suede as well but I had to have the polished leather.BLACKANDWHITE4Necklace by Jaeger – I really love this and must wear it more. The dress is the perfect backdrop for bold necklaces or scarves.LONGBLACK2Enter the vintage black long coat, by humble Austin Reed. It’s only 10% cashmere and the rest wool but feels very soft. It’s one of the most dramatic pieces of clothing I have and should be worn a lot more! Black is so hard to photograph and I’ll try to show it better next time. I had the sleeves and the length shortened slightly – yes, it was even longer originally! The Austin Reed shop manager understood how it should be worn and suggested not to take too much off but to keep the length as long as possible. BLACKANDWHITE3It’s a classic deep rever collar, slightly flared, single breast style with a back split and self tie belt. Although a bit too light to swish around like my heavier camel hair coat, I love it all the same. Having watched more than my fair share of the old 40’s black and white films as a girl, one message was clear, often all you need is a good coat and bag.

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7 thoughts on “Winter Monochrome

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I used to keep the coat for dressy occasions but now that I’m happy with my casual looks, will try to wear it more casually with jeans and flatter shoes …. if the street is clean otherwise I’ll be sweeping it 🙂

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