Cashmere, Jeans and Kelly

BFCASHMERE3I’ve had these wedge heeled, fleece lined zip up ankle boots for a few years and struggled to wear them. They are warm, secure with a tread, walkeable height and wedge heels which I love. I think they were pre bf jeans discovery. BFCASHMERE4 Too chunky for dresses or skirts on me, wearing them with bf jeans is the answer. I have the same in grey too. This man’s cashmere jumper is from over a year ago when I was more into wearing fitted jumpers and this is loose (size S by James Pringle I spied at a vastly reduced price due to a tiny hole in the rib at the bottom front) so I never wore it until this Winter when I’ve been into a looser fit.BFCASHMERE8My trusty and ever faithful 1968 Kelly 32 fits right in. As I mentioned before, I must be the original lover of beige. It’s calming to me. I love all shades of brown with blue or grey that have become default combinations. The large cashmere scarf/wrap is old from Banana Republic also have it in grey (which my Tween is using now).BFCASHMERE6Yep – must dash! 🙂 More running across the camera. I really think one day I could get the hang of it.

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