‘A’ Line Forever

ALINE5Er no, that’s not snow on my head, it’s the natural white highlights! So for a rainy day, I tried out a flared jersey skirt by Carven. It’s an odd blue, a cheap kind of navy but that’s ok because everything else more than makes up for the lack of colour integrity.ALINE3Double cashmere of the Thalassa shawl, Eric Bompard delicate powder cable jumper also here, L’Autre Chose ankle boots and the vintage Kelly Sport also here, here, here, here and when I first treated her here. This the medium size and capacious enough for my needs including a bottle of water if required. And going back to the skirt, planning to wear it with white shirts, tops and sneakers for Spring. Versatility forever too!ALINE2This trusty Aquascutum raincoat is a great alternative to the shorter Burberry trench.  ALINE4But I’m not so sure about the discrepancy in lengths here. I suppose it’s not as obvious when moving around – a quick trip to our local M&S Food store with my mother and opting to try out their lunch deal for two at home rather than eating at their cafe. It was Salmon Bake and Ratatouille – light and yummy as well as surprisingly filling! Dessert was included in the deal and I chose Chocolate Fudge Cake that we’ll save for later.RATASALMONLUNCHThanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “‘A’ Line Forever

  1. Blighty

    Luff those shiny booties. And the Kelly Sport is fabulous, I have never seen that model before, but then I have never been a Hermes handbag afficionado; however, now that I am reading your blog and seeing all your lovely vintage bags that is starting to change. I particularly like the idea of coaxing a bag back into form by applying polishes etc like you do.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! The boots aren’t patent – I’m not into patent as you may have guessed but these always look so shiny in photos lol! Anyway this one is the medium size, there’s a mini that’s cute and a bigger one which is huge on me. This size is big enough and I use it as a tote really. Normally the strap is longer but the previous owner must have had it shortened.
      I must add that it’s all very well to treat bags but it must be said that apparently Hermes may refuse to service one that has been ‘worked on’ previously. The real question is what do they mean by that exactly?
      Please do post more about your scarves, I am only a beginner and would love to read more about your collection.

  2. happyface313

    🙂 I think A-Line suits us shorter ladies well. It’s one of my favorite styles, too!
    As you, I’m always unsure if the skirt is longer than the coat. Years ago I would not have left the house like this, but these days – hey, everything is possible.
    Your lunch indeed looks yummy and you have no idea how hungry I am now!!! 😀 xo

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I didn’t know you are are shorter than average – you look at least average height to me 🙂 The A line really helps to give a more flattering proportion. I’m used to the long coat being longer than the skirt or dress underneath and as you say nowadays it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

  3. lady sarah in london

    Carven is a favourite – it looks great and I bet is very warm too. I don’t mind at all the discrepancy in lengths as you call it. – very non chalant. The bag looks enormous and would love to see a ‘family’ shot of all your hermes. You keep pulling them out of a hat! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! It’s a good weight and can carry over to Spring. The bag is deeper than the normal Kelly and the combined with the height makes it look bigger overall. But this is why I always have to be so careful with bag sizes, it takes nothing for it to appear massive on me. I’ve added more links to it worn.

  4. Rita BA

    I quite like the discrepancy I have to say. Not too much though, just a bit shorter than the skirt, as you have here. Also, love the colours you put together in this outfit 🙂

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