Long Black Coat

LONGBLACKCOATSIDECROPLinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday #148

Also here, I wanted to wear this Austin Reed coat more for daytime instead of saving it for evenings. LONGBLACKCOAT3I have to say I feel a bit like Dr Who – Tom Baker style –  with the scarf worn long like this! Gap Men cotton jumper, Gap 1969 selvedge jeans, L’Autre Chose black ankle boots and Kelly 32cm 1977 in navy box leather.LONGBLACKCOAT5 I really like how the longer length helps to balance the size of the Kelly against my frame also here and here.LONGBLACKCOAT6I often thought of passing the coat on since I wore it rarely but very glad I hung on to it! Sometimes, even with the best wish and intention in the world, items we cling onto for years will still never work and I daresay the 2 determining factors in this case are quality and fit. Moreover, I can see myself compromising on quality as I get older but not on fit.

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21 thoughts on “Long Black Coat

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! All I can say is guilty as charged! I do have to warn you that the vintage ones are quite different and to me anyway, so much better than the newer box now that they have started to release that leather again.

  1. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Dashing! Very cool coat, and I’ll bet it works with every kind of outfit … I love that day/night-casual/dressy combinations give us more latitude than ever. Do you remember having a fancy girlhood dress that you wanted to wear everywhere but had to save for “best”? Or cool kicks that you wanted to wear to church but couldn’t? Much better now!

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