Camel, Greys and Lilac to Tea

GREYLILACSome colour combinations are magical.CAMELGREYJEANSA lighter palette as the skies become brighter – even glorious sunshine breaking through! I hope you feel Spring is on the way where you are too. CAMELGREYJEANS2 Definitely a star item this Winter is the cashmere scarf by Old England. It lifts everything I wear as well as providing essential warmth. The bronze bowling bag works to add interest in texture and the tone, although dark, is infinitely more interesting and satisfying to wear than a flat black as someone who resists black as a rule.CAMELGREYJEANS3I’m so glad I remembered this lilac cashmere jumper. It’s about 10 years old now and lurked among a few others in the first frenzy of cashmere buying at that time. I’ve given my mother a couple of the bigger sized pieces and keeping the smaller ones for my Tween in the jumper update at the end of last year. I think I need a couple more pieces to complete it which follows the easy silhouette currently needed going forward.CREAMTEAOur local Marks and Spencer Food branch offers a version of Afternoon Tea for Two that’s a nice little treat from time to time especially during the weekday. SCONES15 SANDWICHESThe sandwiches are their usual type not the dainty rectangles but tasty all the same. DETAILSA little metallic bronze goes a long way.

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5 thoughts on “Camel, Greys and Lilac to Tea

  1. Vix

    Gorgeous colours in that scarf and the grey boots add a cool vibe.
    Chunky sandwiches are the best, can’t be doing with dainty things with the crusts cut off! x

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