Winter Denim Skirt

DENIMSKIRT2To be honest, I forgot about wearing a denim skirt layered up for Winter – it stuck in my mind as a Spring/Summer item which doesn’t make sense for someone who chooses ‘transeasonal’ clothes where possible or at least considers the potential for such wear. DENIMSKIRTThe skirt is by H&M also here and I chose to size up so that it would sit below the waist and be easier to wear. However, the material stretches a bit too much hence the buckling at the front zip. I only have one other denim skirt and looking for a longer ‘A’ line version, perferably dark blue but it’s proving more difficult than I thought. Anyhow, here’s to Spring!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Winter Denim Skirt

  1. Blighty

    That’s a nice look and I think the skirt looks great, and really like it with the belt too. You are such a cutie! Must dig out my own denim skirt, I have never thought to wear it in winter, see how un-trans – seasonal I am?! I also have one from H&M and like you, looked for a darker denim one for ages before finding one in a quite unlikely place – think it was Hobbs NW1 ?? line or whatever it is called.. hope you are having a good weekend xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! My mission is to keep mixing and matching but my styling abilities are very limited 🙂 I never thought I’d be such a denim lover and looking for more to add to the collection.

  2. angie

    Your outfit is very well put together and the scarf gives a classy vibe to the casual denim. I’m reinventing my denim skirt I have for years with adding lace details!


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