Greys, Indigo and Brown

CCGREYNAVY5Although I can’t wear true browns and don’t miss that at all, I do really like brown accessories such as my washed caviar Chanel bag especially with indigo and greys.CCGREYNAVYThis is the single flap Jumbo 2.55 or Reissue with a dark bijoux chain also here, here, here and here. It’s a great capacity and so easy to wear but as you can see does appear rather large on my frame – and I’m wearing heels! What to do!? The Purist Me was in revolt but then the new improved Practical Me overruled and accepted the fact and so we try to move on …. You have to pick your battles and all that 🙂CCGREYNAVY2My vintage Eastex coat is hyperuseful now that the freezing spell has passed. I felt a little too warm in fact even though I only layed a thin viscose tee by Gap, Mango alpaca mix asymmetric jumper over Gap raw indigo denim. The fleece lined wedges and Thalassa shawl are sooo warm and comfy! CCGREYNAVY4Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Greys, Indigo and Brown

  1. Blighty

    I think that bag looks fine on you, really. Although it’s large it’s not overpowering because of the chain straps and the classic quilted leather, which makes it more delicate than its size. If it were some great lumpy leather rucksack thing you might have an issue but a divine Chanel bag – no, it’s lovely!! But thank you for introducing me to a whole new level of worry re accessories I never knew existed !! 😉 I have just been on The Purse Forum, reading a thread which explains all the different types of Hermès leathers, you probably know it already – or even wrote it! I found it fascinating, as a complete Hermès leather newbie. xx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I’m still learning about the H leathers and refer to that thread regularly as well as the rest of the H Forum. I came to it pretty late too 🙂 It really is a whole education in itself. xx

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