Check Shirt and Short Trench


The school holidays are upon us this week and I’ve been busy not just with the kids but a big project so haven’t had the chance to prepare anything special for Chinese New Year of the Ram. We’ll be going out to dinner but had wanted to do something at home which is now one more thing to put off for another few weeks …

So mild the day I wore this outfit last week, no need for a scarf even! Very casual weekend wear for me.CHECKSHORTTRENCH Mango cashmere cardigan, Gap Boy flannel shirt, Gap 1969 jeans, Hermès belt, Céline hobo bag and Clarks Girl leather sneakers.CHECKSHORTTRENCH3The trench is super useful and as the sleeves are slim fitting, it’s best worn over just one layer which I really look forward to soon. Already it’s time to switch over to the new season and put away our warmest coats and boots first after a check over.

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3 thoughts on “Check Shirt and Short Trench

  1. Vix

    A cool and casual look! Don’t pack any coats away yet though, the weather’s taken a turn for the worst. The BBC reckon Spring’s not here just yet. xxx

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