Country Walk

COUNTRYSIDEOver the school half term break, we took the chance to visit a wonderful country estate in our area. The weather was beautiful and we just had to be outdoors which is saying a lot from an indoors person 🙂 COUNTRYSIDE2 Used to people and but still rather fast moving so I was very lucky to get these shots.COUNTRYSIDE3You can see our shadows against the ripples of the water. COUNTRYSIDE4I was determined to capture the beautiful colours and despite the waddling around, the angles worked well enough here. COUNTRYSIDE5My Boy loves to run around and this was the perfect place.COUNTRYSIDE9 A dash of colour and perfect tranquility.COUNTRYSIDE7The brick wall is in fact a walled garden that’s closed until their Summer season. COUNTRYSIDE8 Me in context.COUNTRYSIDEAThis is one of the doors into the walled garden.DOORWAYMy Boy creeping up behind his father.COUNTRYSIDEDMassive holly trees. COUNTRYSIDEBGorgeous snowdrops abound.SNOWDROPSAnother view of the estate. COUNTRYSIDEC COUNTRYWALK It was cold but not freezing so the Mango asymmetric jumper over the Zara Girl red gingham shirt was enough.COUNTRYWALK2Someone played with my camera setting and I didn’t notice … My Teen is taller than me now and I hope she continues to grow several inches more 🙂 COUNTRYWALK3We made our way back to the entrance which was a converted barn to enjoy a Winter picnic lunch at the table and benches provided. The open air, warm or cold, makes everything taste better – I recommend it!

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2 thoughts on “Country Walk

  1. silkpathdiary Post author

    Thank you! It is and we should visit more regularly. I must try to find photos from our first visit – I’m sure I posted it then. My own boy is too and he’s only 11 lol!


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